What is your opinion on armor lock?

I did not create this post to start a war. I love this community and I wanted to talk about arguably the most controversial feature in Halo history: armor lock. To be honest, in the past, I was a filthy noob with this ability when playing with friends. You can say I was one of those armor lock spammers. Everytime I would use it, no matter what scenario I was in. Over time, I felt guilty using it and I neglected it as it ruined friendships. Looking back, I was an -Yoink- with armor lock. I was the bane of every halo player’s existence. If I am going to play Halo Reach multiplayer again, I will use armor lock for the right reason, or when it’s necessary. To elaborate, I will use this ability against power weapons and vehicles. I will not use it when I am about to die. I will not use it everytime my shields are down. It must be used for two reasons in my opinion: power weapons and vehicles. I say this because I think Bungie added or created this ability to in order to have a fair chance when facing against power weapons and vehicles especially if they are constantly using them against you. Lets face it, it sucks if you are in a match dying from someone over using power weapons and vehicles. Armor lock is a response to this. The reason why armor lock isn’t in Halo 4 and 5 is likely due to players (like me in the past) relying on it or abusing it. Anyway what is your opinion. Do you love it, or hate? Or are you like me and think it depends on how you use it. I would love to hear anyones thoughts.

I think it works in Reach but wouldn’t in Halo 5. The reason why being Halo 5 has enough spartan abilities. I don’t think Halo 5 would need it. Adding more wouldn’t help. It could have definitely worked in 4 though. I don’t know, that’s just how I look at it.

Armor lock, in my opinion, doesn’t really seem that useful to me. It’s a good distracting tool, sure, but that’s about it. Atleast with jet pack, sprint, etc. it gives you a better vantage point or speed in your movement; it’s way more useful.

Only mistake they made as far as Multiplayer goes… that, and not giving us some proper DLC playlists…

Sucks rear end, I hate it. I mean against vehicles I believe is fine to an extent. But when you sit there holding or trolling with it, it just becomes annoying.
There’s a difference between using it strategically and just f***ing around with it. Everyone except for trollers could probably agree with me.
1 Click of a button against a ghost boosting or a rocket heading towards you is fine. Holding the damn button and on top of that having your ENTIRE team using it?!
OMG, I can’t. That’s just a great waste to what armor lock should be. Just my opinions and in my terms automatic gameplay facts!

Who else agrees?

I agree Spartan II S125.

Armor lock wouldn’t have been bad IF you had to pick it up on the map like in halo 3, BUT because you can spawn with Armor lock and jet pack it gets really annoying, that and Bloom are the only things that bug me with Reach’s multiplayer still miles better than halo 4 and halo 5 though

If they kept it in BTB I would be fine with it but got into team slayer and such making it annoying.

All it did was just delay the inevitable for the enemy player that was using it. The only time I used Armor Lock myself, was for trying to destroy incoming vehicles trying to splatter me. I managed to blow up a warthog once, but it wasn’t really worth trading sprint or hologram for it, or lowering my K/D spread for that matter. Like Spartan II S125 mentioned, it was only really good for situational stuff like deflecting splatters, rockets or stickies. Other than that, it was annoying and only meant as a delay to one’s own demise.

The penalty for using armor lock is you are taken out of offense. You can’t move or shoot and the enemy knows where you are. If it were worthwhile everyone would use it constantly…

Works in reach but its annoying

Armor lock really was just easy kills on my end, mainly from me throwing a grenade under the person using armor lock when they were just about to exit it.

I loved the ability, but as much ed as I missed it in Halo 4 and onward, I understand there were… balancing issues with the ability. Turns out a few seconds of invincibility in a game where split seconds matter causes issues

As a BTB anti vehicle ability it was great. Like boarding, it was a useful, surprising way of turning the tables on a vehicle user.

As a 4v4 or PvP mechanic it is just the worst. It stopped a firefight in its tracks and slowed down the gameplay. I mean, we had fun with it and mucked about, but the ability needed serious adjustment if it was to ever return again.

You mean Tebowing? I’ve never been a big fan

Hated it

My two favorite abilities are Armor Lock and Sprint. I play Team Slayer 4x4 99% of the time. I like armor lock mainly because i am good with it. Ive used it enough to know how to use it well. Every armor ability in the game gets frustrating when you are loosing, especially when a big part of you loosing are due to the other teams armor abilities. Every single one. Sprint, Invisibility, Jet Pack, Hologram, and Armor Lock. I have raged about every one a lot of times. Sprint “They just run away when theyre about to die” Jet Pack “They just fly really high and shoot you from about” Active Camo “Its not very fair they see you before you see them” ECT. I think all of the abilities take time to learn to use them without just spamming that button. Armor lock isnt an exception. It gets frustrating. If you or anyone want a buddy to play Team Slayer with you can add me as a friend. My GT is: Kinky PinkyxD. Hope my opinion is helpful (:

I don’t have a problem with it.

You’re about to die because I’m in a gunfight with you, and you use armor lock? Fine, I’ll just wait and get the guaranteed kill. Thanks for making my life easier.

I don’t really see the problem with it.

Agreed no problem, great for vehicles, rockets, and most other large things coming your way but not much else…
I heard someone mention trolling…
but you see…
holograms are the tool for that :wink:

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It is literal cancer