What is your opinion about HL2/HLA2?

Just tell me.

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> Just tell me.

its a great game.

It’s my all time favorite game

Amazing graphics, satisfying audio, vivid past memories, pittyful lack of Blow Me Away, dissapointing software quality (UE4 crashes preventing me from playing most campaign levels, been reporting this on Halo Support since beta but never even got follow-ups).

I really like playing Halo 2 Anniversary on PC. It was great to see Master Chief and Arbiter in that game again. I also have my problems with the game, but I still have a great time playing Halo 2 Anniversary.

I personally don’t have any problems with the changes they made, as its probably my least played halo. However I am still aware of the changes that have displeased most of the community. I sympathize with that, and while MCC has come along way in terms of delivery of content and bug fixes, it still has some work to do yet.

It’s a lot of fun. I have some of my greatest Halo moments from playing the campaign with my childhood friends. And it was awesome seeing the new cutscenes in H2A. Multiplayer is decent, better than Halo CE, but I think it’s overshadowed by Halo 3.

Anniversary was great, it deserved its own release in my opinion and the cutscenes were beautifully reimagined.

> 2535445229333629;1:
> Just tell me.

Fantastic campaign. From the remastered graphics to the cutscenes, just stunning overall. My only complaint is the sound of the energy sword being turned on - I MUCH prefer the older version.

H2A multiplayer is pretty good. The announcer is the worst iteration yet with the autotune. The addition of the automatic weapons (silenced SMG, AR) does nothing for the sandbox. The maps they picked to remaster were definitely the right choices, but I just wish there were more for a more competitive variety.

Can anyone describe what the abbreviations HL2 and HLA2 stands for. Based on the discussion, the respective abbreviations stands for Halo 2 and Halo 2 Anniversary but it could be anything else like Half-Life 2.

i really enjoyed gordon freemans story, and the fact that valve remastered hl2 is incredible really.

I mean, it’s Halo 2 still so it’s amazing, and besides that, I think the Anniversary graphics compared to original looks much better than Combat Evolved’s Anniversary compared to the first Halo. Plus, Blur’s new cutscenes look and sound fantastic.