What is your longest Kill Distance ?

Mine is 201 M with the Sniper Rifle (or I assume it was)

What is yours? I want to see how 201 stacks up.

I got 217m…with a sniper I assume as well.

224 meters in a big team match on Ragnarok.

303m with a Sniper Rifle, I think that was what it was.

Actually it might have been a Beam Rifle.

992m for me. Wish it was the whole dang kilometer

205m, with the snipes

185M, Big Team Infinity Slayer, Sniper Rifle, Ragnarok.

how do you tell?

> how do you tell?

found it. 206 metres, ragnarok, big team. laser.

620m in Campaign, 186m in War Games Matchmaking, 154m in War Games Custom. I´m trying to max it out in Custom and Campaign, then I´ll you again^^

173m on Ragnarok with a DMR.