What is Your Long Term Outlook of Halo Infinite? (Poll)

So picture yourself in 2024 tuning in to the Xbox showcase at E4+ Pro (E3 was lame and old right?). What do you think is announced (or not) for Halo Infinite?

  • Infinite will be getting full blown DLC drops with a huge variety of new content
  • Infinite will be getting playlist, map, and weapon balance updates. Most new content is forge driven
  • Infinite is getting bug fixes and small weapon balance updates
  • Infinite has received its final update. Support is moving to Halo: The Endless Shop

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The content of multiplayer games is updated very slowly, and I don’t understand how a big Microsoft studio would do that.
I can only hope that they will put a lot of energy and money into the development of engines and DLC.
Or misguided, abandon the half-finished.
I am optimistic about the future of this game. I believe Joe and his old buddy can make this game better and better.

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I think the Infinite dev team seems like it’s getting at least headed in the right direction un terms of priorities.

My biggest worry is that Infinite’s tech debt is just too much to hit a 10 year life cycle. I am guessing we’ll see a “Destiny 2” situation, where they end up putting out a new title that ends up needing 343’s long term support goals.

My guess is we won’t get any substantial updates after 2024

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I see them fighti g a bit longer but i want them to drop it move on and launch a complete halo experience for the first time since reach.


Part of me thinks they should substantially re-work the engine, including dropping support for the XBO generation.

I guess technically GTA5 shows you can take a super old game and just keep iterating it to modern standards. I don’t think Infinite is at a point where that might even be possible though

I just want to know what E4 stands for.

I really do hope that it has to do with Forge, the custom game browser and an overall rank ex like Halo MCC. Unfortunately, to make and earn money, the shop will need to continue to have new items being brought into the game or cycled through. With this though, hopefully it brings clearer communication from 343i and the community is served items appropriately.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo Extravaganza+ Pro (E4+ Pro)

:yum: :grin:

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You’re right. That’s way better than E3.

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If you look very closely at the roadmap you will see the words “subject to change”

This is exactly what will happen as its abysmal population continues to shrink and everyone moves on to better games

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Where’s the option “not even gonna turn up”

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People are still playing H5, so I bet there stil still be a Halo Infinite population.

343’s trying pretty hard to make that a non-reality though lol