What Is YOUR Loadout? All Info Listed Inside

Below is the list of what you can customize your load-out to be (not including armor). I will give as accurate of descriptions as I can with the information I have gathered.

Primary Weapons

Battle Rifle: Utilizes precise, three-round burst functionality, making it a formidable mid-range, semi-auto weapon.

Assault Rifle: Standard fully automatic firearm of all UNSC branches, effective at both close-range and mid-range combat.

DMR: Premiere marksman rifle of the UNSC, offering impressive single-fire accuracy at reasonably long distances.

Storm Rifle: Full-auto energy weapon widely considered the successor to the traditional Plasma Rifle

Covenant Carbine: Notable semi-auto mid-range accuracy, firing ballistic rounds unlike most other Covenant weapons

Suppressor: Full-auto Forerunner infantry weapon, firing bolts of hard light in rapidly accelerating succession.

Light Rifle: Precision weapon that fires beams of hard light for mid-range to long-range combat.

Secondary Weapons

Magnum: UNSC’s personal sidearm of choice due to its excellence at close-range to mid-range engagements.

Plasma Pistol: Semi-auto energy weapon capable of a scaled-burst effect which disables electronics.

Boltshot: Forerunner particle dilator used for both its precision at mid-range and its burst functionality when up close.


Frag: The Fragmentation Grenade, which has existed relatively unchanged for centuries, is used to efficiently clear any dug-in enemies.

Plasma: The Plasma Grenade, when triggered, is engulfed in latent plasma, allowing it to cling to targets before detonating.

Pulse: The Pulse Grenade forcefully detonates and forms a hazardous ionization sphere which eventually collapses, destroying any nearby targets.

Armor Ability

Promethean Vision: Allows users to detect enemy signatures through walls and other hard surfaces.

Thruster Pack: Enables a powerful burst of movement offering the ability to evade or quickly close the gap.

Hologram: Allows users to generate a nearly identical holographic decoy to deceive enemies during combat.

Jet Pack: Allows users limited flight through a vertical lift propulsion system similar to that of EVA reentry packs.

Hardlight Shield: Allows users to generate a protective barrier of hard light which stops most small arms fire and some explosives.

Active Camouflage: Allows users to generate a visual effect astonishingly close to invisibility.

Autosentry: An automated turret which can be deployed to defend its user or command a key battlefield checkpoint.

Regeneration Field: Allows users to release a short-range energy field that heals any nearby Spartans.

Tactical Package

Mobility: Allows unlimited sprint.

Shielding: Speeds up your armor’s energy shield recharge rate.

Resupply: Allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies and foes.

AA Efficiency: Increases the rate at which energy recharges for Armor Abilities.

Grenadier: Increases grenade carrying capacity.

Firepower: Allows the use of a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

Fast Track: Allows user to advance quicker in rank.

* Requisition: In modes with personal ordnance, lets the player request new choices when ordnance is granted.

Wheelman: Increases the long term durability of your vehicle as well as how it reacts to EMP charges.

Support Upgrade

Dexterity: Speeds up reloads and weapon swapping.

* Ammo: Increases the ammunition capacity for both starting weapons and ordnance drops.

Sensor: Increases motion sensor range.

Awareness: Allows the use of motion sensors while using a scope.

Explosives: Alters grenade performance, increasing blast radius and decreasing grenade damaged received.

* Ordnance Priority: Offers more frequent ordnance drops to user.

Stability: Steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire.

Gunner: Increases how long a mounted weapon can fire before overheating as well as movement speed with detached turrets.

Stealth: Dampens your footsteps, makes you harder to see on Promethean Vision, and increases your assassination speed.

Nemesis: Marks enemy responsible for your last death.

* Drop Recon: Calls out ordnance drops in advance.

* May only be used in certain game modes

Haven’t played it yet so I can’t “officially” make a LO.

Light Rifle
Plasma Grenade
Hardlight Shield

This is ideally what I’d like to go into MM with. I don’t think I’ll want to use any of the other AAs. I only really used Jetpack and Sprint in Reach.

For Spartan Ops, I might have one with a secondary Plasma Pistol and instead.

PV of regen

Primary - Carbine
Secondary - Plasma Pistol
Grenade - Plasma Grenade
AA - Either Promethean Vision, or Auto-turret
Tactical Package - AA efficiency
Support Upgrade - Dexterity

Im not sure but what ever works best for BTB

Maybe Both BR and DMR

I’ve already figured out (more or less) 5 loadouts I’ll have, though I hope we will be able to make more than that.

Name⌋ Run & Gun
Secondary⌋ Boltshot
Grenade⌋ Frag
Armor Ability⌋ Thruster Pack
Tactical Package⌋ Shielding
Support Upgrade⌋ Dexterity

Name⌋ Spray & Pray
Primary⌋ Battle Rifle
Secondary⌋ Assault Rifle
Grenade⌋ Frag
Armor Ability⌋ Auto Sentry
Tactical Package⌋ Firepower
Support Upgrade⌋ Ammo

Name⌋ Flank & Shank
Secondary⌋ Plasma Pistol
Grenade⌋ Plasma
Armor Ability⌋ Promethean Vision
Tactical Package⌋ Mobility
Support Upgrade⌋ Wetworks

Name⌋ Boba Fett
Primary⌋ Light Rifle
Secondary⌋ Magnum
Grenade⌋ Plasma
Armor Ability⌋ Jetpack
Tactical Package⌋ Shielding
Support Upgrade⌋ Stability

Name⌋ Troll
Primary⌋ DMR
Secondary⌋ Plasma Pistol
Grenade⌋ Pulse
Armor Ability⌋ Hardlight Shield
Tactical Package⌋ Shielding
Support Upgrade⌋ Dexterity

lol no offense but you put way too much effort into that post.

I don’t really know… a lot to choose from. No doubt when it’s all in front of me and I’ve played a few games I’ll pick something to my style.

I think I’m going with an AR/BR combo and Thruster pack AA, the rest I can’t decide.

Pulse Grenade
Regeneration Field

Hardlight Shield
AA Efficiency

How can you forget the Assault Rifle?

Here are the five I’ve figured out for myself so far.


Assault Rifle
Plasma Grenades
Active Camo


Pulse Grenades
Auto Sentry
AA Efficiency


Battle Rifle
Frag Grenades
Hardlight Shield


Storm Rifle
Covenant Carbine
Pulse Grenades
Regeneration Field


Light Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Frag Grenades
Promethean Vision
AA Efficiency

Light Rifle + Stability… of course.

name; tank hunter
primary; carbine
secondary; plasma pistol
grenades; plasma
AA; thruster pack
T package; resupply
S upgrade; explosives

or this
name; base defence
primary; storm rifle
secondary; bolt shot
grenades; pulse
AA; active camo
T package; shielding
S upgrade; stealth

Primary: BR
Secondary: AR
Grenades: Plasma
AA: Hardlight Shield
Tac Pack: Firepower
Support Pack: Dexterity

Primary: Battle Rifle
Secondary: Plasma Pistol
Grenades: Frag
Armor Ability: Thruster
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Dexterity


Primary: Battle Rifle
Secondary: Designated Marksman Rifle
Grenades: Frag
Armor Ability: Jetpack
Tactical Package: Firepower
Support Upgrade: Dexterity

If it is the case whereupon a secondary weapon can only be swapped for another secondary - not a primary - that is found mid-game, then the latter more (to carry a power weapon and another primary utility weapon). If not, the former more. I can always find a Magnum lying around to switch with my Plasma Pistol to compliment my newly found power weapon.

Battle Rifle

Plasma Pistol

Plasma Grenade

Hardlight Shield



What? Ammo can only be used in certain game modes? Which ones wont it be available in?


.44 Magnum

Frag Grenade

Sleight of Hand