What is your Highest Skill in Halo 3?

I haven’t played Halo 3 in a while but I still remember how perfect the ranking system was in this game. It definitely was one the most challenging in my opinion. After all the effort and work I put into this game, I only managed to get to a level 45 Brigadier.

Anyways, I’m curious, what is your Highest Skill in Halo 3?

the most challenging 50 has to be the Halo 2 50

50 - 2 Star on this account, soon to be 3.

My main account is a 5 Star General.

> the most challenging 50 has to be the Halo 2 50

Yeah, you’re right. I’ll edit my post.

28 - Captain in Lone Wolves…I was horrible in Halo 3.

39 in Lone Wolves. Played for so long as a Commander I became a Strike Commander lol.

45 in lone wolves i am a brigadier grade 3

Got to major In swat.

42 in Lone Wolves. I never got my Brigadier birdy. :frowning:

32 in Lone Wolves, yeah I kinda suck :stuck_out_tongue:

44, Could never get my 50 :frowning:

47 SWAT, 45 Slayer, 42 Lone Wolves, 40 Doubles, 40 Objective.

I can’t really remember the others, I think I got a 36 in Squad Battle though.

48 Lone Wolves, 45 Team Slayer, 37 Big Team, 36 Team Dubs >8,500 EXP Brigadier General - all on Yellow Bar FTL

44 in SWAT. I want to get to Brig Gen now though, I have enough exp just need the skill.

43 in LW and 42 in TS so I have insurance.

On this tag 50 team doubles 5 Star General. Others of mine have 50s in LW TS SWAT and Team Doubles but they’re General grade 1 at best.

Only a 41 in lone wolves sadly.

> Only a 41 in lone wolves sadly.

Yeah, Lone Wolves starts getting really competitive once you hit the low 40’s, at least it was when I played Halo 3 a lot back in 2008-2009.

The problem is I don’t have a good team to play in the other playlists.

50 in Team Slayer, 50 in Team Doubles, 45 in Ranked Living Dead

Those were my notable ranks on my main Halo 3 account.

Proud to be a 40 colonel grade 3. I want to become a Force Colonel.

P.S. I got 2 accounts with 47 and 50.