What is your halo 4 setup?

What is your main loadout(s)?
What button layout do you use?
What sensitivity to you play on?

Load out 1:
DMR->Plasma Pistol->Jet Pack->Ammo->Mobility

Load out 2:
DMR->Bolt Shot->Promethian Vision->Ammo->Mobility

Button Layout: Bumper Jumper (I know default is better for jet pack but i’m too use to it from H3 and I like to be able to jump and aim).

Sensitivity: 4

Oh and I also use frag grenades, I like to be able to bounce them off the floor or off walls.

Loadout 1 (fondly known as Babushka): DMR/LR/Thruster/Firepower/Explosives/Frag
Loadout 2 (fondly known as BXR): BR/DMR/Thruster/Firepower/Explosives/Frag

Bumper Jumper on 3 sensitivity.


For BTB I switch Magnum for PP and frags to plasmas.

Bumper jumper, 3 sensitivity.

I vary the weapons, though for AAs, I usually stick to Hologram and Active camo because they seem the most effective out of the lot.

Loadout 1(Long Range MLG): DMR/Bolshot/Mobility/Dexterity/Thruster Pack
Loadout 2(Short Range MLG: BR/Boltshot/Mobility/Dexterity/Thruster Pack
Loadout 3(CTF) DMR/Boltshot/Mobility/Dexterity/Hologram
Loadout 4 (CTF w/ Vehicles): DMR/Plasma Pistol/Mobility/Dexterity/Hologram
Loadout 5 (BTB): DMR/Plasma Pistol/Mobility/Ammo/Thruster Pack

I’ll switch between BJ and Classic based on certain maps and game types.

3 Sensitivity.


Favourite Loadout: Support

Primary Weapon > Suppressor
Secondary Weapon > Magnum
Grenades > Frag
Armour Ability > Auto Sentry
Tactical Package > Requisition
Support Upgrade > Ammo

Controls: K&M

Sensitivity: 10


Light Rifle

And the rest are variations or dedicated to certain unlocks.

Loadout name - Rifleman
Primary - MA5D Assault Rifle PRIME
Secondary - M6H Magnum Sidearm
Grenades - M9 HEDP Fragmentation
Armor Ability - Promethean Vision
Tactical Package - Resupply
Support Upgrade - Ammo or Explosives

For BTB I use
Loadout name - Marksman
Primary - M395 Designated Marksman Rifle
Secondary - M6H Magnum Sidearm
Grenades - M9 HEDP Fragmentation
Armor Ability - Hologram
Tactical Package - Resupply (will be wheelman once unlocked)
Support Upgrade - Ammo or Gunner

Sensitivity - 3
Control Layout - Default