What is your favourite helmet

Mine is the Timmy helmet

I go with the AirAssault helmet.

Enforcer. No question.

My favorite is the Copperhead I will have it someday :slight_smile:

I like the copperhead helmet to

Recon GEN1 or Deadeye.

Achilles I don’t have it but it looks sick

Achilles, then Wrath.

I’m not sure, I have multiple. I like Mark V Delta, Nightfall, Athlon, and Lockes helmet.

Fotus and Helioskrill

On Halo 5 I love Hunted, Achilles, Helioskrill and Infiltrator.

Mark V Delta or Locus Edge

Operator Gen 1 hands down my favorite

Nightfall and possibly Helljumper

Achilles and Shinobi

Mark V and Helioskrill

I always feel naked without my Scout.


I like achilles helmet and couple of mark helmets.

Warrior. I switch around a lot but i absolutely love that one. Have ever since the Halo 4 mp reveal.