What is your favourite Halo?

I might have agreed with this if there weren’t any previous Halos. 4 changes Chief and Cortana so much and the fact that Palmer and other spartan IVs are allowed to walk around without a helmet is insane, no military would spend that much on making super soliers and armor only to allow them to expose their head. Del Rio makes so many decisions that are irrational and no actual person would make unless you just need the plot to carry forward. I have a disdain for 4 in almost every regard. That said the multiplayer was kind of fun and it had great maps, not sure what happened to 5s multiplayer in terms of maps because i just never enjoyed them.

Halo Reach! Oh my I just love the environment and military-style cutscene sooo much

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I have two different favorites for different reasons. For the campaign, it is CE. No other Halo game has given me that distinct feeling of awe and mystery. For MP, it is Halo 3. The slower gameplay allows me to approach engagements differently each time. Which is good to keep things fresh.


Honestly mine Are Halo 2, Halo 3, and infinite being a close runner up. That could change depending on how infinite looks In the next couple seasons.

Hi is my favorite. Halo Infinite campaign is my favorite. There is so many skirmishes to engage in an many ways to engage. Lots of territory to cover. H5 still holds my best PVP experience so far. HW2 had a fantastic multiplayer aswell as Halo Reach

My gamer pic is misleading but Halo 3 for online and ODST for campaign.

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I love the idea of having the casual progression system like Halo Reach. Why I really enjoyed Halo 3’s system. Giving progress to players based on highest ranked rank is a great incentive to keep players playing the game and playing ranked.

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