What is your Favourite Halo Multiplayer; Non-Toxic

What is your favourite halo multiplayer and why, dont argue, just tell you what it does well as well as why the other are worse, please keep this thread non toxic thank you

Mine would be H5 I just love how the multiplayer works in that game, one of my favourites so far.

For me it was Halo 3 because I enjoyed it for a while and then I got up in to the mid to high 30 skill level and retired from Halo 3 pvp and switched to Reach.

My favourite halo multiplayer is halo 2, I feel it has the highest skill gap in 1v1 fights as well as the power weapon spawn system can be used to gain an advantage over your opponent since the power weapons wont respawn until you’re out of ammo, and your opponent will likely not know when that is unless they count the shots. As for the other multiplayers, Halo:CE, has many flaws with its spawn system which can lead to dying less than a second after you spawn, and halo 3 has many ping issues and less skillful combat, Halo 4 broke too many core design philosophies, and Halo 5 has far too easy gun play, and a completely different gamesense that is in my opinion worse and less skillful than Halo 2. Halo: Reach, had too many issues with bloom, unequal spawns and less skillful gunplay.

Not to say any of these multiplayers, save Halo 4, are bad in any ways, and are for the most part(at least in arena), perfect

Halo 3, just a blast socially and competitively. The gunplay, the sandbox, the maps, the many different game types, skill gap, even the hilarious death screams just made it for me.

H3/H2 are my favorite. But I play them all, H2C/H4 would have to be my least favorite.

It is Halo Reach because it feels the most smooth to me.

For me it’s a tie between halo 2 and 5. Both feel very well done IMO

I would have to say either Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 3. Halo 3 just because it’s a classic and Halo: Combat Evolved because it is just pure chaos.

It’s gonna be a tie between Halo 2 and Halo 3 for me.

Halo 2 was my first multiplayer experience so its always gonna hold a special place in my heart. Halo 3 on the other hand was definitely the Halo game I played the most and had the most friends on.

Lol. Halo 2. It was early enough in Halo where the nostalgia of Hce lingered thru whilst updating graphics abilities and maps. No one talks much about the glitches but they really where apart of the game like I haven’t experience since. Between literal glitches, BXR, BXB and super bouncing for hours in customs. Halo 2 to me was Halo CE updated.

H2/3 are great but I love Reach MP the most tbh

between halo reach and halo 3

I have a blast when playing BTB H4 objective with her

Hands down Halo 2!. Love love love it!!! I remember being intro to Xbox live halo 2. I was at school my buddy was like do you have XBL?. I said what’s that and he said huh? You don’t have Xbox live? I said no… he said dude after school I’m coming over he lived like 7 minutes so he walked over we got my going on he brought over and headset for me to borrow and I was so confused I was like what are you doing… we set everything up and I already played the crap out of halo 2 even without XBL I knew the game pretty good. So we got everything going he added me and he showed how to do some stuff he went back home got on and BOOM I was hooked! I stayed up all nite playing even tho I had school the next day I faked sick so I can stay home to play more and that’s where I started from lol

My favorite was probably 4. Had a real good look, sound & feel to it. I liked the way it’s unlocks worked, personal loadouts, ordinance drops. Can’t down talk the others though because I’ve also enjoyed them.

I love the way Halo 5 plays, it is really fun, but I am an intense lover of Halo 3 multiplayer. That and CE will always have a place in my heart.

Honestly? Halo 4. Loved it.

I love Halo 5 multiplayer overall, with Reach (mostly because of nostalgia) as a second choice

Halo 3. It was a simpler time then.