What is your favorite spartan armor? (POLL)

vote and tell me why

Mark VI. Best armor since Halo 2.

Close call between Raider and C.I.O for me personally.

<---- Scout lol

Quite like Recruit now everyone’s moving on from it.

Mk. VI or the Rogue specialization armor.

Recon has always been my favourite :slight_smile:

> Recon has always been my favourite :slight_smile:

I would like to get venator, but actively use recon. It still looks good.

Venator. Unfortunately, the visor color does not change.

Pathfinder armor ftw.

Orbital but it wasn’t a choice so I chose Gungnir, the most awesome helmet IMO.

My locus!!

Mark VI. Gotta love the classic look since 2004!

Tracker all the way, reminds me of the ol’ fashioned CQB.

Gungnir because it looks like a smiley dinosaur, I want it, now.


> Mark VI. Best armor since Halo 2.

Too right.


'Cause I’m a ROCKETMAN…

C.I.O. helmet. I love the three dot visor.

I tend to mix and match the rest of the body though, to make it as streamlined as possible.

I wear a mish mash of pieces, helmet I go with recruit or defender, breast plate I go with soldier