What is your favorite soundtrack of the saga?

I personally prefer classic soundtracks, Greco-Roman chants, guitar, instruments, simply epic. (Something that the H5 soundtrack can not do well, but Halo Wars 2 was excellent), from my point of view.

I think Halo 2 has the best soundtrack. The main reason I prefer that over, say, Halo CE or ODST—which in my books are the best after Halo 2—is that it comes with so much variety. You can pretty much take any piece from the soundtrack, then take another piece, and they will sound completely unique. The spectrum of emotions found from the soundtrack varies from the upbeat tone of Peril to the melancholic tone of Heavy Price Paid, and to the distressful tone of Ancient Machine. And rather than just relying heavily on one musical style like the later soundtracks have, it really experiments with different styles.

The Halo 2 soundtrack is the polar opposite of the issues the Halo 5 soundtrack suffers from, which are monotonousness and sounding too generic. I believe Marty’s music holds a lot more lessons than just “the classic tunes” that 343i could learn from, and I think Halo 2 embodies a lot of that.

Edit: also, I think you mean Gregorian chants.


Its simply so immersive and works so well in collaboration with the game itself. Even then listening to the soundtrack independently from the game helps visualize the dread and sadness occurring in the metropolis that once was New Mombasa.

Halo 2 Anniversary, definitely.

Halo 2’s music suffered in my opinion from the sell-out phenomenon. The songs that were “inspired by” the game were, to my way of thinking, so utterly inorganic as to be laughable. Steve Vai’s contribution to the real music was the same in watered-down form. I could almost hear the the phone call between the Microsoft marketing guy and Marty’s boss where he said things like, “Kids like wicked guitar licks. Put them in.” Even with that being the case, some of Marty’s best work is in Halo 2. Not that I could ever choose a single soundtrack over another. I love them all.

Halo 3. I know the arguments that its just Halo CE and 2 but remixes and similar musical style. What it does well is takes the foundation of CE and 2 that tsassi brings up and adds to it. If Marty and Michael had created entirely new music for Halo 3, that would’ve been fine with me. ODST and 4 did that exceptionally well, while Marty and Michael didn’t do 4. As a very close second place, ODST is beautiful. Im not a huge fan of the game itself. Instead, the music creates a lonely, dreary as mentioned, and sad atmosphere fitting of its time between Halo 2 and 3. Halo 3 also happens to be my favorite video game score for now, taking its place above The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim, ODST and 2, which are all fantastic scores. It doesn’t have the variations that Skyrim, HZD, or ODST 2 has. Instead it sets the tone for the end of Bungie’s trilogy on a strong note.

  • I love all of O’Donnell’s stuff. ODST is moody as hell. Reach is beautiful. The sound of Halo CE’s music will always be nostalgic for me. But I have to go with Halo 3. Halo 3 included most of the pieces I loved from Halo CE and Halo 2, but brought out more from them. - Halo 4 has a few great bits in it and Halo 5’s is okay, but they don’t sound like Halo to me. - Halo Wars sounds almost like Halo to me, and the Spirit of Fire melody is memorable. - Halo Wars 2, Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike are all kind of forgettable for me.

Reach main theme, pillar of autumn on reach that song when you are the only one left in reach :,)

Covenant dance is a banger, one of the best.

Most of the halo sound tracks from halo CE through to halo reach were amazing. ODST’s sound tracks are beautiful

Very hard to choose but i would pick Halo 2 because of Blow me away.

Halo 4 had an awesome soundtrack, but was underrated due to what fans called, “poor gameplay”

Don’t kill me… but halo 4

Well I have enjoyed Halo soundtracks from every game that has involved o’donnell so basically everything between Halo: Combat Evolved - Halo: Reach (excluding the Halo: Wars though the soundtracks werent bad in that either and the soundtracks fitted the game).

Though if i would vote something it would be Halo 2 soundtracks.

Halo 2 has always been and probably always will be my favorite soundtrack. Halo 3’s soundtrack is a close second though. The choirs in that game are just beautiful.

For me it is ODST. The main reason is due to how it made a mood to the game.

ODST for sure

Peril Halo 2 or Covenant Dance Halo Combat Evolved


It’s hard for me to compare them honestly. So I’ll just break down my views of them. Keep in mind I’m not ranking both Halo 4 or 5 because I played then once, and have really never played them again.

  • Master Chief games: these are the classics that when people think Halo, they think of those majestic choir, piano, string, and band instruments. Me in particular, I love the violin in almost all of these songs, especially in the main Halo Theme. These songs make the best use of the instruments they use, and are thus my all time favorite video game soundtracks. - ODST: whereas the Master Chief games and others I’ll get to later have many songs that portray the natrual selfless, majestic, and honorable soldiers that Spartans are, the ODST soundtrack is probably on the opposite side. ODSTs are self righteous, gritty, in-your-face warriors that can be loose canons. The Halo 3 ODST soundtrack portrayed this perfectly. The rock music with electric guitar, especially in Traffic Jam is an amazing contrast to the Spartans. And the use of jazz during those long, lonely walks in the Mombasa Streets as the Rookie was a perfect mood setter. You’re alone, probably low on ammo, surrounded by hostiles at every corner, but you have stealth. You can almost literally go half the game without killing an enemy. It was a very refreshing game with an equally refreshing soundtrack. - Reach: Remember Reach. This game on every front was perfect. The campaign, the multiplayer, everything it was so different, so improved over its previous games, yet ever so Halo. The game was gloomy, and that’s where alot of the music tries to hit the mark. Plenty of piano, and somber violin and string instruments. Epilogue for example that song especially when playing the Lone Wolf cutscene was just heartbreaking. You did it, you gave humanity it’s small chance, but unfortunately you would not be able to see that chance blossom into what kept us from extinction. You would die there at Reach. Alone. Reach is the game I see being a mix between Master Chief soundtracks and ODST soundtracks, while also being it’s own thing. There’s plenty of tribal drums, orchestra, and brass put together in a gritty, not completely majestic nor self serving, yet very honorable feel which when you look at the members of Noble Team, you definitely can see that emotion and personality. - I don’t remember much of either of the Halo Wars game’s soundtracks, but I’m willing to bet it’s more of the gritty feel that ODST has because its a game about Marines really. Sure there’s other characters, but you control an army of marines, not Spartans. I remember it having the feel of being alone, especially with how the first one ended. I also remember a feeling of Nobility when listening to it. Like the crew of the Spirit of Fire is just an unyielding force to be reckoned with and how they have so moral because of their Captain. So if I had to rank these, which if you can’t tell by now I am having serious trouble doing. I’d say:

  • Halo 1,2,3 - Reach - ODST (probably interchangeable with Reach) - Halo Wars

Halo 2, especially the guitar work of Steve Vai.