What is your favorite REACH character?

mine is Emile

Noble Six.

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> Noble Six.

I would concur with you on that. Having the option to make a Protagonist in the Halo series a little was nice, I actually felt like the Hero even though the deaths of Noble team made it feel like you were losing hope. But I did like Emile a little to evil though, Carter was ok but he stole your kill by ramming into the scarab. Kat died not heroic in my opinion but which I can somewhat understand it was supposed to be an instant thing the player wasn’t expecting. Jorge by far most BA death I witnessed in Halo in a while. Jun well he doesn’t die. And Noble six’s death made me feel sad but happy, the way Bungie passed on the Halo series was beautifully created and it was happy that I “Found Halo” and “Crushed over enemy’s reserve” I like how nobody notices that’s the end of the Halo series. I mean look at the date of the speech and what Year it was.

Noble Six


Noble six but Emile is a close second

I think mine would be noble six but my favorite member excluding Six I think it would be Jorge just because he was kind and caring.

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> Jorge just because he was kind and caring.



Emile he died fighting off elites while being stabbed.

Emile > Carter > Jorge > Kat > Jun