What is your favorite power weapon.

My favorite power weapons are:

  • Nornfang - Oathsworn - The answer - Beam rifle - Binary rifle - Prophets bane

The answer is ridiculous, if it’s half as good in warzone firefight as it is in normal warzone, I will be nearly unstoppable. That is until I reach the dual bullet sponge mythic warden eternal bosses. I hope they have removed or seriously nerfed those since the beta. Now where were we…

  • Nornfang
  1. Whispered Truth
  2. Norfang
  3. Prophets Bane
  • Arclight - Endgame - Typhon - Arrow of Time - Razors Edge

The railgun, in any of it’s forms. Just because railguns are pure, destructive, awesomeness.

In WZ other honorable mentions are blood of suban, dying star, blaze of glory, didact’s signet, whispered truth, endgame, selene’s lance and any non-binary rifle sniper.

SPNKr Prime all the way.


1- SPNKr Prime
2- Halo CE Pistol
3- Prophets Bane
4- Nornfang
5- Selene’s Lance
6- Tartarus’ Gavel

TOP 10
1: Any of the Railguns
2: Sniper/Nornfang
3: Blaze of Glory
4: Answer
5: High Five/Ad Victorum/Spnkr EX
6: Krith’s Left Hand
7: Prophet’s bane
8: CE pistol
9: Void’s tear
10: Razor’s edge