What is your favorite of the Halo Books?

Mine is the Ghosts of Onyx. I feel this perfectly captured the desperation of the story leading up to Halo 3.

Contact Harvest! Shows the start of it all, focused on some good characters like Johnson, Tartarus, Dadab, and Lighter Then Some.

Either The Fall of Reach or Ghosts of Onyx. I felt they captured the desperation of the Human Covenant war perfectly

Halo The Fall of Reach as it was the first Halo related content I experienced.

Ghosts of Onyx here as well, for the same reasons listed above me :slight_smile:

I’ll have to wait till my copy of First Strike arrives. :smiley:
Then I’ll beside between The Fall Of Reach or First Strike.

Halo Evolutions or Halo Cryptum. A hard choice between the two (and picking those are had enough among the brilliance of the Halo novels)

First Strike was amazing.

Halo: Evolutions and Ghosts of Onyx.

All of Nylunds books, and Cryptum too. Might as well throw in Harvest and Cole Protocol. And why not: Flood too. How about this – anything with the word “Halo” on the cover.

I really liked The Flood believe it or not, it changed the way I play Combat Evolved. Ghosts of Onyx is probably a close second

First Strike and Cryptum

But really all of Halo Novels, just can’t get enough back story I love the Halo Universe. Whenever I pick up one of those books I just can’t put it down until I reach the other end of it.

I think my favourite is The Fall of Reach, probbaly because it was the first expansion outside of the games I experienced. I love First Strike in the way it explores John-117’s character aswell as Ghost of Onyx and how it explores Kurt and what it is to be a Spartan. I wish Nylund was more involved in Halo nowadays, like if he helped write the games or some such.

If you asked me my least favourite book, I’d say The Flood. I hated that book, while there are a few interesting insights into the stuff that went on on Halo outside of John’s helmet, the rest of it did no justice to the Halo canon established in Halo: CE or The Fall of Reach. It also features crap, 2 dimentional charcters and is poorly, poorly wirtten.

They are all very close for me, but I would have to say Ghosts of Onyx would be my favorite. I love large scale, epic stories, and this one pretty much fits that description to a tee for me. Great read, and incidentally, it only took Eric Nylund about a week and a half to write it. Insanity!

Oh, and Cryptum! I love Greg Bear, and have read many of his books. It was very interesting to read one of his shorter ones. I cannot wait for Primordium to hit the shelves.

Pretty much every book that isn’t The Fall of Reach makes my favorite list, TFoR was just a huge disappointment.