What is your favorite moment so far?

In your own gameplay what is your favorite moment. In other words what play or action have you taken that made you go… damn I love this [censored]ing game.

In my case, killing all 4 enemy bots in one swing of a gravity hammer, at the same time I was beat down by those bots. But a 4 for 1 with a hammer… man that was fun.

Jeff Steitzer twice whispering “Perfect” into my ears after two back-to-back 4-burst BR kills. A close second is a cheap overkill at the start of a Live Fire game that I robbed from the rest of my team.

Watching a bot in Recharge jump down, sprint, and back-smack a dude deserves an honorable mention. That bot was on a mission, man, and he saw it through. I hate that I wasn’t recording it!

Oh the bots are scary watched one of the ODST bots grapple into my team and kill them with a hammer, then do it to me seconds later.