What is your favorite loadout weapon in Halo 5?

Which loadout weapon is your favorite in Halo 5? By loadouts, I am referring to the permanent unlocked you can obtain for Warzone matches. These include the BR, AR, DMR, etc.

I’ve found that the SMG with the bayonet is an absolute beast. Theoretically, it’s an SMG with an Energy Sword strapped to it. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

Honestly (and this’ll probably sound stupid), I like to use the assault rifle the most. For early and end game.

The DMR is a beast. But all of the bayonet weapons are bad -Yoink-! Love them.

Just unlocked the DMR. Bit surprised about it being a level 6 req until i realized the devastation it can cause. This gun is a beast.

DMR and Magnum. The Magnum needs some warzone love though. We need some goodies for it.

I usually stick with the regular br with kinetic bolts and some type of smg. Depending on if I remember to switch out the smg. I want the h2 br but it’ll probably be the last thing I unlock cause 78 levels until I unlocked my dmr.

I love a BR with a Scope; Classic, Sentinel, Longshot. All of them.

Longshot BR with a bayonet. I love having a BR with a bayonet and an AR with bayonet, once we hit REQ 8 it’s like I’m rolling around with energy swords in my pocket almost lol.

Sentinel DMR is just on another level. You can easily take down snipers that the BR can hardly touch. Magnum is my second favorite because of how versatile it is.

  1. Projection SMG with Bayonet
  2. Sentinel DMR with Knetic Bolts

I would kill everything to get to the REQ level required to use these >:3

I’ve seen the Sentinel DMR come up a lot. I’ve never used it, but it sounds great.

Standard Magnum and Assault Rifle.

The Assault Rifle.

Sentinel DMR with kinetic bolts is beast for taking down air vehicles. Halo 2 br is perfect gun for mid match. Bayonet SMG runs close combat like a boss.

Even though I don’t have one for a Warzone REQ yet, DMR is one of my top 2 favs, the other one is the SMG.

Halo 2 br with magnum

Halo 2 BR, and Projection SMG with the Stablizers.

battle rifle with smg, only got the basic version of both weapons so i cant really say much.

Halo 2 BR!! It just pure Joy :smiley:

The Battle Rifle is always great