What is your favorite helmet???

Here are all the helmets!

So what is your favorite? I will allow 2 votes if neccesary, but please only vote up to two times. Thank you!

Mine are Soldier and scout. Just love em.

I could not fit them all, so I will manually keep track of:

Gungnir: Deadeye: Locus:1 Mark VI:1

Locus was not on there but so far it is my favorite. I enjoy the whole no visor look.

None of the above, I like mark 6.

I voted for Oceanic in the poll but I’m also throwing my weight behing Locus (not on the poll).

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Uhm is this a halo thread?


Any onme that resembles the classic full face visor of the Mark V or VI

Dat Warrior

They all look terrible.

I like the Warrior and Soldier helmets.

Warrior sucks. Why the hell is that the default helmet.

Soldier looks very DIFFERENT which I like, seems like an evolution of Spartan armour.

Venator is possibly the best; THAT should be the default one.

You also missed DeadEye and Gunginir which are the only other good ones.

I like Orbital the most, but Soldier is a pretty close second.

I’m not fond of any of them, actually. The Locus helmet reminds me of the helmet the marines wore in Doom 3. The Dead Eye helmet reminds me a bit of the Rogue helmet from Halo 3. I’m just hoping they bring back some classic helmets intact. I’m really hoping I can put on my Mjolnir Mk. VI again. (Not the new one, the old one.)

The ones that I could not fit are being done manualy.