What is your favorite enemy?

From all the Halos we have faced many different types of enemies, jackals, elites, grunts, drones, brutes, hunters, crawlers, watchers, engineers, sentinels, flood, prometheans and so on, but what is your favorite enemy?

Definitely gonna have to go with the Flood. When those buggers creep and screech gives me the chills.

The flood by far, it gives halo a dark atmosphere and increases my enjoyment overall.

Those Spec Ops Elites in black armor from the last few missions of CE are pretty cool. And the classic Zealots with gold armor are awesome too.

And Brutes, we need brutes back man.

Classic wart Elites

I’d say hunters, it makes you think a bit to try and get a clear shot


The flood. Creepy but they peak my intrest.

Most disliked would be the Promethians. I’m getting sick of them already.

The flood for sure, especially in Halo 3. is it wrong to say I enjoyed those guys infecting my squad of marines, and/or having the flood rise after I killed them beforehand?

I loved fighting against the brutes. Especially with the needler. Everytime I fight them on Halo Reach, their large bodies are so exposed to needle combines lol
I’m going to add that I hate fighting against certain Promethean Knights. Especially on Halo 4, it was the easiest by far on Legendary Campaigns, but there was this one knight that always “practically” spawn killed me lol.

Sorry just wanted to put that out there…

Classic Hunters

Fighting the covenat on a scarab.