What is your favorite enemy of both?

What is more fun enemy to fight? Brutes or Elites? For me I prefer the Brutes, because they have more equipment, weapons (flame grenades are pretty cool) and animations (making them funny and more “realistic”) and besides I like having the Elites as allies (they are very BADASS). The Brute chieftain(in Halo 3: ODST - they have invencibility!!) is the best enemy i faced in a Halo game.

I’ve always felt that the Brute Chieftans had more of a mini-boss feel than any of the Elites. Besides that though, I pretty much go about fighting each of them the same, so I honestly don’t prefer one over the other.

I enjoy the old school elites more. Brutes were a fun change of pace both is behavior and flavor.