What is your favorite challenge in MCC?

Of the variety of new challenges that have been in game this year, what have been some of your favorite challenges that you had fun completing?


Eye Spy is my favorite. It’s not quite the same each week and it’s nice to see the collectibles make use of previously empty space. Would love to see it added to the other games :eyes:


I have to agree with you on this. Eye Spy really makes you look around the levels, at every nook and cranny. The great thing about the challenge is that you never know where the statues will pop up next, and the developers can always hide them in new places without telling anybody.

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Missing new challenges that go beyond killing, completing missions, etc. I would love to recover challenges such as what had to be done to get the Hayabusa helmet, going through the rings of Halo in a specific order so that the skull came out.

Perhaps for Halo Infinite and MCC there could be new types of challenges more focused on exploration, agility, etc.

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I’m going to mention two favorites, one from each weekly deck.

Personally, I really enjoyed the ‘Hidden Halo’ weekly PvE challenge, which required players to find 5 collectibles in any of the Campaigns. ‘Eye Spy’ is nice and all, but I don’t like that it’s restricted to the Golden Moas in the Halo 3 Campaign. I think ‘Hidden Halo’ should come back, replace ‘Eye Spy’, and include the Golden Moas as available collectibles. That way, players have more freedom in which collectibles they find to complete the challenge.

As for weekly PvP challenges, I really liked ‘Helping Hand’ and was very disappointed to see it removed. It was nice to have an assist-based challenge that made good team players feel rewarded for their efforts. Not everyone is is able to rack up a ton of kills in Matchmaking, which makes assist-based challenges all the more necessary. For veterans like us, kill-based challenges are no big deal, but there are lots of new players these days who want to unlock their favorite cosmetics, especially now that these classic games are finally on PC.

So, in general, my favorite challenges are the ones that are most flexible / accessible, not because they are easy, but because they can be completed in different ways. Some players might take longer to beat them, but at least they still have a chance at doing that.

I really like doing the playlist challenges. Its always great to marathon multiple games in a row.

This is actually a really good question to be honest, challenges have gone through a lot of change.

For me I will say I’m glad that the Seasonal win 25 competitive matches is gone. It just became stressful after a while and sucked the fun out of playing.

I do really enjoy the play CTF or Asset denial modes, really encourages you to explore a mode you might not have otherwise played. Have had a lot of fun matches because of it.

I’ve felt like a lot of the weekly challenges just feel good. They’re achievable and relatively easy to get. It’s nice not having the grind super hard to get progress on a challenge or to unlock a cosmetic.

Right now, the challenge I like the most out of all has to be Eye Spy challenge.

Like what’s been said already, makes you look at various areas in each level (assuming you’re not watching any guides) that probably haven’t been explored for the average player.

I wish they brought back the challenge of completing a mission with a specific skull or set of skulls on a specific difficulty like what legacy Reach and Halo 4 did with their challenges to encourage players to alter their playstyle.

i enjoy going for blam! the most. It feels so rewarding to get just because of how unpredictable it could be