What is your favorite armor combination?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the enforcer helmet. The War Master and the Pathfined helmets are a close second and 3rd. I like mixing the enforcer helmet with the orbital torso (i think the skull on my characters chest is sick) and the orbital shoulders. Blue is my favorite color, so naturally I made him blue. Oh I forgot that he’s my emblem on here.

Anyway, what are your favorite armor combo’s and color preferences?

Hazop FRST like my avatar.

FOTUS on everything at least until/if it’s made available for all. I’ve tried pther armours but I just don’t like them as much. Visors are neither here nor there but right now I like Legendary.

Enforcer with all Protector and MARK VI legs. It makes you look so intimidating and bulky. Oh and my armor is colored steel with blue with a legendary visor. :3