What is your favorite and least favorite map currently?

Since sooner or later we’ll finally get new maps I’ve thought about what I like and don’t like about what we have now.

Streets is by far my favorite. I like the way it plays in multiple game modes, I like the weapon and equipment layout (although it could be a lot better), and I love the aesthetics. It has lots of good slide spots, lots of mixed elevation, angles you can work, lanes you can take, and an all around good flow.

I hate Launch Site for the flip side of everything I just said. It has terrible flow and is a real headache every match. It does look kind of nice though to be fair.


Most Favourite: Breaker
Least Favourite: Launch Site (there’s no other correct answer)


Favorite would be Fragmentation. It has that Valhalla vibe while still being new and different. It’s a little to narrow for vehicles in places, but still pretty good. High Power would have to be my 2nd… I like BTB.

I hate Launch Site. It’s an interesting concept and I like having vehicles on medium sized maps, but this rotating weapon rack system makes it difficult to form strategies and the design really only encourages offense-defense objective games like one flag CTF. It just doesn’t work well for any other game types.

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Streets is a great map, but my favorite map is Live Fire. I truly believe that map plays every game mode aside from CTF very well.

My least favorite map is Catalyst. I just don’t like the flow or maybe because I can never figure out the flow, but what’s super frustrating is when someone spawns back flag and I’m mid. That sight is tough.

My least favorite in ranked is definitely Catalyst, that map has caused me more headaches than any other

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Hey at least they are pulling resources from other areas to develop a ninja flag gametype just to make launch site playable lmao!

Thanks for listening to the community time after time :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

Best: Deadlock
Worst: Highpower

Deadlock is a unique sort of map which is reminiscent of old school Blood Gulch, the one which has a dip in the terrain in the middle which makes the map function a little like trench warfare. However instead of having raised ledges on either side of the map which afforded excellent vantage points, one side is made very open for small-medium sized vehicle traversal and the other is better for ground units to traverse while retarding vehicles from ploughing through.

It’s not perfect, and some adjustments can be made, but it’s the most enjoyable BTB map for me.

Now Highpower. Oh boy.
Design wise, it’s interesting, unique, and has alot of thought put into how games are played on it. But all of that goes down the drain because of 343’s weird decision to never have static spawns and random racking weapons that make no sense to the map. Highpower is the worst offender of this trait.

A map with two static Wasp spawns and you’re telling me I can have a match where there will be NO Hydras spawning in either base or either forward outposts. Really? Also, the Power weapon pad on high power and its direct opposite Power weapon pad in the shaded portion of the map don’t always spawn the Skewer either. Result is some matches having Wasps flying all over oppressing everyone while players are hard pressed to even get rid of one Wasp, disregarding the fact random Vehicle drops can also drop Wasps. Ridiculous.


Not to mention every single power weapon and power up pad favors open side. In a standard game it’s perfectly common for one team to get both camos, the cliff power weapon, and the rock garden power weapon. At most you can kill the person with them but if they backpedal it’s now in enemy territory.

It’s one of the worst planned out weapon/equipment layouts in halo history tbh. You have to use advanced movement tricks just to have a fighting chance at the initial rush

BTB: Love Fragmentation, Hate High Power

Arena: Love Recharge, Hate Behemoth

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Not really. If you grab the goose, you make it to the Power weapon pad and Power equipment pad way quicker than the side with the pit. No advanced movement tricks needed.

The problem is that the side with the pit is unfairly designed to have dominance over the central gate due to the alcove above the entrance tucked away behind the wall. Now that’s mega BS for game modes like Total Control.

The only advantage that the secluded base has is that they have a very well protected side route all the way to pit side base as well as a more protected man cannon up to High Power.

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True, but then you die immediately unless you’re playing bots who don’t shoot at things. Which, to be fair, is a common feature of btb

If the game was a match between two full teams of capable and coordinated players it would be a lot easier to see how bad it really is.

I don’t know if I have a favourite - maybe Recharge.

I don’t like Fragmentation though, and I don’t think it likes me either.

Recharge is the best 4s map in infinite imo.
Hate Catalyst.

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Highpower feels like a test map that 343 just threw in because they didn’t have time to make a real map.

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The problem with Catalyst IMO is the that every. single. power weapon. is in the middle of the map. Needler, sniper, sword, shotgun, equipment, grenades, camo, coils. All of it. So what happens is that the bases are nearly impossible to defend for long periods of time because eventually you’ll be stuck without any powerful weapons.

Idk why they can’t just give both teams a Sentinel Beam or something.


In ranked the sword shouldn’t even be there imo. It could be a good tier two weapon like a bulldog or Ravager with one mag instead and the game would flow so much better.

Then at the bases there should be disruptor pistols for close range engagements and to help counter the overshield. The plasma pistol and pulse carbine work, but they’re so inconsistent online it’s annoying. The disruptor is more reliable in my experience. Then at the other weapon rack make it a needler or sentinel beam like you said.

I guarantee the map would feel better immediately with those changes

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Even just some grenades in the middle of the floor of the base would be nice.

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Aquarious is the only good map imho.

As for power weapon placement on maps, Halo usually will put rockets/sword/ect. in a dangerous or less advantageous spot on a map so that there is some risk involved for your reward. Which i appreciate.

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I’m fine with that for a lot of weapons, but my issue with the sword is there’s no way to even tie with it unless you’re god tier lucky with a stick or something. It’s just overwhelming on maps with lots of corridors like catalyst and recharge.

Rockets with just two shots that spawn kind of slow are good, it gives you a goal to fight for periodically.

Yeah, there should never be a map that has sword, grapple shot, and camo, the combination is way too OP. I think the swords should be replaced with the bulldog on Recharge for competitive. But yeah, repulsor is your best bet against it.

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