What is you favorite character in the halo series?

They have to be real characters from the halo series. This is my first post and mine is Noble Six.

its hard to pick, but igeuss emile from reach, hes pretty beast

My all time favourite is Jorge from reach. Amazing Spartan.

“Mac rounds? In atmosphere?” I love that line.

Buck of course. Who doesn’t love Nathan Fillion in space.

The Arbiter.


Spartan Thorne. Can’t explain why. Don’t even understand it myself.

Simple but it will always be master chief for me.


Sgt. Avery Johnson

Olimpia Vale, followed by Buck and Utze.

Six y Jorge

Mine is N’tho ‘Sraom, who was one of the elites you played as in the H3 campaign (player 3). A close second would be Noble Six.

Noble Six.

But in all seriousness? The protag from the Halo 4 Spartan Ops. Now who was that again?

Oh, that’s right…

ME. ): )

Buck. Hands down. It’s as if Captain Malcolm Reynolds joined the UNSC. That’s what I loved about playing ODST, Fillion, Tudyk, and Baldwin voiced troopers… made it feel like Firefly the game to me. Plus I used his voice in firefight on Reach.


343 Guilty Spark. Apparently we have not seen the last of our blue friend and possibly coming back for halo 6

The Arbiter

… oh yeah, and 343 Guilty Spark. Bungie liked him so much they created the Ghosts in Destiny! :slight_smile: