What is wrong with you people...

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who is crying about the freakin ranking system. Jeez shut the “YOINK” up and grow up!!!
Seriously I hate seeing people post a forum saying that they are not getting H4 because they don’t have their precious 1-50 ranking. Well I got news for you GET OVER IT! And trust me I understand why you are upset but come on to say that you are not gonna get the game is kind of pitiful. But hey that’s just me. If your not getting the game good for you no one cares if you don’t, you can just stay home and play your Reach and H3 while the rest of us play an AMAZING game 343i has created from what I have seen and played here in Japan. That’s all I have to say.

HOORAH 343i!



Not helping the cause by starting a new thread about it. You’re actually a part of the problem, now. Mot of us agree, but all we can do is wait for the mods to lock and remove the excess threads.
If you want to argue about the Ranking system, whether it’s for or against, you need to do it in one of those threads, not an entirely new one.

Keep it clean, please.

if they don’t get Halo 4 because of something as insignificant as a ranking system, i feel sorry that they will be missing out on Halo 4