What is wrong with these forums?

I can’t be the only one having severe trouble with these forums. At random points in the day, I’ll try to load up the forums and they simply refuse to load. Or they’ll load, I’ll try to load up a thread, and it won’t load. Or the thread will load, I’ll try to reply to a post, and it won’t load.

The page just sits there and loads endlessly. It can go for a half hour or more, but I’ll never get a connection error for the page. While I wait, I can browse the rest of the internet normally, so I know it’s not a problem on my end.

In fact, I KNOW it’s a problem with the website. Earlier today, I saw 215 active users browsing the Halo 4 forum when it was working fine. 10 minutes later, it started giving me trouble and it dropped to 91 users.

Who else experiences this? Is there a way to do anything about it or is it crappy coding and/or a server traffic jam on 343i’s end?

Yes, it’s working fine for me right now but 343 really does need to fix this.

Then again, let them fix it after E3…we’ll get less whiners in the Halo 4 section.

Aaaaand now it’s not working…this is getting beyond a joke.

I was just about to post about this. Im having the same problem. Its to the point where i actually dont visit as often anymore. Which is a shame since i want to talk about E3.

The “Maintenance” that they did last week did a lot more harm than good. It’ll take some time for them to fix the issues, so it’d be best to wait until after E3 to expect it to get better.

My god, yes. As of this moment it’s OKAY, but when you first access the forums it goes slower than slugs stampeding through rhino glue.

My guess is that they are doing something with the website in preparation for Halo 4.

Well it’s always been like this for me. But recently has gotten even worse since that site maintenance and yes, I assume they’re getting ready to update the site for some reason which will be announced at E3 tomorrow. I’m probably wrong though.