What is wrong with the customs browser?

Okay, I have to be stupid. I have to be doing something wrong, right? There is no way it was released this badly.

To get to the browser you have to go to the community tab???

I can not join any of the matches I just get stuck in a loop of connecting. To leave it’s a head ache. The lobbies say there’s room and when you join it it’s full but if you refresh the list it still says there’s room.

When I make my own match the lobby fills up fast but everyone is frozen. When I restart the match I get stuck in a connecting/ loading screen loop and when I get in the 20+ people who had joined is now 4.

Not to mention when you are looking in the file share you go to book mark something then back out and it sends you to page 1.

Guys, I’m honestly not trying to be a -Yoink!- here it really can’t be this bad what am I doing wrong?


I get this sometimes. If you do get into a connecting loop, just log out and back in to cancel the loop.

I think the connecting loop happens when you are stuck in a game with players coming in and out. Unless you refresh it constantly to get the current status of the server population, that’s the best way to break the connection. Or, I do that. So I wont be joining a game that says 10 - 24 pop, when during that minute frame, 15 already tried joining. Just keep refreshing

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It’s not you, the thing is completely broken and is a test of your patience. My quota yesterday was 1 successful game out of 10. After 9 game restarts I gave up and will not try again unless there is an update.

Restart your game. Maybe even restart your internet. It’s day 1 of this update and we know how new updates go. It’s overwhelming on the system. Try to be patient.

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I spent 30 minutes yesterday trying to join custom games. I had to restart my game twice and manually leave fireteams each time. Finally got into one after awhile, just as the map I wanted to play was over.

When it did load, got stuck on some very long loading screens before joining. This is on a Series X, with an ethernet connection to fiber internet, so not a slow setup.

They expected issues with it releasing early.

“The team worked incredibly hard to land this feature so much further in advance, but with that comes the caveat that this is a ‘V1.’ It is therefore likely to have some rough edges, but we felt it was more important that we get this in the hands of players sooner rather than later.”

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. . . ^ What he said ^ . . .

It was either the custom browser beta now or waiting for it’s full release.

I was able to join a few matches yesterday. It was kind of confusing at first. I wasn’t sure if I was joining correctly or what was going on until suddenly, I was tossed into a game that had finally loaded after a few minutes of waiting and scrolling through the 7 or 8 pages of Customs Browser. I think what happens is: If the match you selected is “full,” you will be placed in an invisible “queue” that basically loads the map and holds your place in the background until it’s your turn to join. I’m still not entirely certain though. It may just be a bug that is dragging these loading times out.

The first map I joined was the Waffle House one, which was not a Waffle House at all lol It was more of a Minecraft village with a Snipers and Swords themed Infection mode…

Then I joined a few different Infection games which were fun but the maps weren’t fully fleshed out and had some bugs. One of the infected teleporters led to a dead end that ended up ruining the game because the zombies get locked in a small room, presumably due to a bug.

All in all, not bad 343, good on them for releasing the Browser early! We knew it would come with some hiccups, but hopefully those get ironed out over time and in a timely manner. This is a good step in the right direction, a little late but at least we got it!

When I first tried it it wasn’t working right. I’ve had no problems at all today. I’ve gotten into at least 7 different servers with no problems. Note… I have been joining lobby’s with 8 max player counts today so maybe the problems are associated with servers with max player counts. There are some great 4v4 maps made by the community that just get ruined because people set the lobby size to 28.

Wasn’t it slated to be released in March? As far as I’m concerned this is basically a pre-beta.

Not trying to

Not trying to be rude to you. Honestly I don’t care about their excuses. I stopped caring after mcc lunched. Halo 5 was their last chance and they “BLAM” it up and with halo infinite they finally gave us in my opinion a good and fun halo but they keep -Yoink!- on it. I don’t want excuses I want people to take responsibility. Is it really releasing early (didn’t know it released early cus I stopped caring about infinite.) when it should have been there at lunch with a longer dev cycle then any other halo.

Imagine if I gave you a car but It didn’t have a engine and said. " I understand it has some rough edges but I felt it was more important to get this in your hands.)

Honestly I completely stopped playing for the better part of this year and only came back because I heard customs were out. Only to get slapped in the face with a glitchy mess felt like getting a knock on the door by a old friend only to open it and find a flaming bag of “BLAM!”.

Again not trying to be rude or come at you I’m just mad at them. I’m sure the whole of the 15 people still playing appreciate it. (That’s a joke btw it’s more like 1500)

I’m sure glad I got game pass and didn’t have to pay money for this.

Good things come to those who wait unless it comes from 343.

Were it so easy…

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