What is wrong with Optimatch?

Just played a game that has no business being made. I get that rank is not a true indicator of player skill, but there is no way this was a fair match.

Team A
2 Inheritors, 1 Redeemer, and a Cmdr Grade 3

My Team
Cmdr Grade 2 (me)
Unranked Player!
Captain Grade 2
Warrant Officer Grade 3

In what world does a brand new player get matched up with 2 Inheritors and a Redeemer!? The highest rank on our team was lower than the lowest rank on their team. Its not like I’m some awesome player who was going to carry my team despite my middling Halo rank. If this really was an appropriate match, but I’m just being tricked by the ranks I can see, then that is equally stupid. Show me the actual ranks then, instead of having my whole team quit 2 minutes into the game because the only data the game gives them implies that they are going to get absolutely steamrolled (the first 2 minutes of the game also gave this theory some weight).

Also, I was not in a party and had my matchmaking preferences set to “match skill”.

All but 1 of my friends is a casual Halo player, and its difficult to get anyone to play anymore because we can’t seem to get appropriate matches.

Since I just discovered that this site will actually tell you someones Battle Proficiency rating, I looked into it to see if that game was actually fair after all. Answer, not at all.

Team A Ratings

My Team
43 (Guest)

So they almost could not have been a worse match for us. Does it even try to matchmake based on skill at all?

If you want it to matchmake based on skill you have to set “My Skill Level” in the search parameters. The same way you would set “Good Connection”

And even then it will be vague, but at your level you wouldn’t get 100 BPR players.

I do set preferences But I don’t think it works because I keep getting matched up with players way way way higher levels than me, To be honest using the search preferences feels like flicking a light switch thats not connected to anything.