What Is With The MENUS In This Game?

They are laggy/slow as hell! It aborts matchmaking much too often, and I’m sitting waiting for my files to show up and they won’t load or end up showing multiples. There needs to be a menu fix for this game. I am unable to load a theatre file right now because I can’t see the info for any of them. The loading circle won’t go away. This has happened several times. Also the menus tend to jump around inconstantly and slowly, like they are barely able to function.

This can’t be because the xbox because I can play the actual game just fine in whatever mode or any other game or menu for that matter. My connection is good too.

Not to mention, AGAIN, no other Halo game has ever had these problems. I am going to blame the Halo 4 servers. 343 you guys seriously need to get better servers or something 'cause whatever you got going on now sucks.

Menus are fine for me. Maybe it’s your disc?

Disc is pristine.

Does it happen often or has it happened just at certain times?

I don’t have the same problem as you… Hm…

> Does it happen often or has it happened just at certain times?
> I don’t have the same problem as you… Hm…

It’s pretty random. Couple times a week. Usually in the evening, this time it’s morning. It happened last night too.

The game aborts matchmaking often, almost everyday. Usually in CTF. It just kicks my party back to the war games menu and says it aborted matchmaking.

That is weird. Sometimes it aborts matchmaking, usually in larger parties but not like it happens every match.

Maybe clearing cache can improve it?

cache? on the xbox?

Maybe it’s not as widespread a problem as I thought. I know it’s really annoying for me and my friends.

The only time my menus lag is when I see my spartan in it. I guess it has too much polys and the console cannot handle a smooth animation of it. Not sure why you cannot load videos, but surely I do not think 343’s servers can be blamed for that.

If you playing with multiple players at the same time in one X360 is the only when I experience this. Try it out. Plug in an extra controller if you can, go to the armory, be creative then you will see the frame rate drop.

Thought this was a menu/UI gripe that I could hop on to. Unfortunately I do not experience the same things you do.