What is up with the Challenges

Why are the daily and monthly challenges only War Games? I’d like to see more daily challenges across the board, Campaign, SP Ops and War Games. It’d be better for all players instead of just for War Games. Also the weekly challenges I can usually complete in a day, maybe they should be harder so it takes a little longer then a day to complete. There are usually 6 and I’m done the first day. Leaves the rest of the week for NOTHING.

I would love to see monthly challenges for both Campaign and Spartan Ops. Also, instead of having only two daily challenges for War Games (which can usually be knocked out in a single match), maybe there could be three or four?

My biggest gripe with challenges in Halo 4 is that they don’t really live up to their title. 343i’s got the right idea, but “Kill 13 Spartans with automatic weapons” is kinda…bleh. “Kill 13 Spartans with automatic weapons in a single match”, now there’s a challenge! “Kill 90 Spartans with automatic weapons” would work too. But 13? In as many matches as it takes? Bleh.

The payout for completing challenges is fine (even if the amount of experience you get is sometimes disproportionate to their difficulty), but if I can finish all of my weekly challenges in a day there’s something desperately in need of fixing lol.