What is this "Sec3OP" rank, Can any tell me.

I don’t know what this type of special rank is in the forums, I keep seeing players with these ranks , are they part of 343 or …something else???
I looked up all of the ranks and it’s not in there. Can anybody tell me.

And what’s this “Master of the Unicorns” rank, a 5-star general who controls a army of unicorns! LOL
Does this post to be joke or something?

Well I can say both Sec3OP and Master of Unicorns are similar ranks. Only special perk is We both get Sigs early.(plus a couple other things)

Sec3OP was given to major players in the Section 3 ARG.

Master of Unicorns Began as a glitch but stuck by. The rank is rare here like a Unicorn now cause most people that had it dont anymore.

The Sec3op rank was goven to thos who particiapted in the Halo 4 ARG, as a thanks for their commitment to help unlocking the classifed glyph sequences.

Oh ok, now I understand. Thanks guys. :slight_smile: