What is the xp limit really limiting?

I don’t understand an xp limit in a FPS. The ranks are more of a testament to time played than actual stats. The weapons are all received pretty early and personally I still love the battle rifle which I received with my pre order over the other weapons. The light rifle doesn’t feel like an “overpowered” weapon, so what is the fear of a high rank? It’s purely cosmetic after the light rifle until 50. Then, you finally get to specialize to your play style. But, with the xp limit I can’t fully adjust to my play style until 343 says so. Why make us wait for a new feature to enhance the game? At this rate, I’ll get bored leveling a little each day until I can finally specialize. It’s not like a low rank is at a disadvantage to a high rank. The people at a disadvantage are the people who can’t play much and learn the game slower. Limiting the ranks of the people who play a lot doesn’t make them less likely to destroy new players. It only creates frustration and hatred for a game that they’d like a sense of progress in. If you want to balance everyone out, you’d have to put in skill handicaps, not rank caps. Can’t we just have a matchmaking system to decide who we play against? And people claim that seeing a 50 on day 3 is demoralizing. I only see it as a motivator to get there. I think it’s more demoralizing to get owned by a player who isn’t fully capped. And someone could have put in 48 hours of gameplay in the last few days and still show the rank of someone who has only put in just over 20. Then you’re like, why did I get destroyed by a guy only a few ranks over me? New players could just as easily get turned off to this. And hardcore players will still get frustrated by the limits on their progress. I can’t even pursue challenges after cap, bc it diminishes their value. Sorry for the paragraph, but I don’t see the positive at all in a cap. Boosters still find a way, cheaters will always cheat. And the people who only have a day or 2 to play still fall in the casual gamer realm but are more penalized than the players who can play 7 hours a day.

im with you and everyone else who is saying the same. this cap is stupid i paid for the game i want to be able to rank up as fast as i rank up no limits. i mean the way they have it set it im renting the game…

completely agree dude maybe stop us at 50 so people can catch up but jeeze i hit the cap every day

Coming from someone who is unlikely to hit the cap ever, I agree.

If I ever do decide to sit down and play the entire day, I’d like to know that at least I’ll be able to get the proper XP.