What is the Ranked System assessing?

I don’t feel like the Ranked System, especially Ranked Arena in solo queue, tells me anything about my skill level. It seems to just mean that I cannot carry players going 6 and 18 for 10 games in a row. And, two Diamonds cant carry me and a Plat1. Why would 2 golds and 2 plats be placed against 2 D and 2 Plat? How is this fair or reliable whatsoever? Please enlighten me what the Rank actually represents, other than a fast internet connection…

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It’s judging your skill at playing solo in a team of randoms.

Which will be different than your skill at playing in a squad.

And you will have different skill levels in different squads. My style complements one of my sons better than the other, for example.

And your overall rank will reflect your skill at playing in all these combinations.

But remember - whichever way you run - it’s still going to be your skill level at playing within the overall team structure. You may well be better as an individual. Or you may be worse. But until we get ranked 1v1 then that’s the hand we’ve been dealt.

Usually they wouldn’t…

But, possible reasons;

  1. There are squads involved - and this is the only game it could up with at the time. And in which case one team will be heavily favoured.

  2. The MMRs of the players are actually quite balanced. Either due to form or being just out of placement (where your MMR can be MUCH higher than your CSR).

  3. You’ve been a bit slack with the actual tiers. The two Golds could have been high G6 (so almost Platinum). And the two Diamonds barely D1 (so, essentially Platinum). And the actual Platinums high in the first team and low in the second - so that the two teams were actually quite balanced.

So, the real question is - what where the average MMRs of the two sides.

And in this regard, your skill falls under an umbrella. Natural ability, speed and stability of internet connection, computer set up, quality and fps of your screen, air quality in your man cave, flavour of Mountain dew, etc.

The only way you are going to get a strictly even set up is in a formal comp.

Such is life.

Thanks for directing me to those LgndryDad, I added a comment to Ranked arena question.

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