What is the purpose of the beeping?

I liked alot of the stuff revealed last night, the announcers voice for example sounded soooo much better than halo 4, there is some stuff i disliked but i’ll get over it, and i’m not even gonna think about all the new mechanics til the beta.
The one thing i could say i “hate” would be the near constant high pitched beeping, why is that even happening?
5 minutes of it and its already annoying.

Beeping is the health indicator, it has been part of Halo for some time now, its just different. Personally i really, really like it.

No the beep is a hit indicator.
When you hit you are now told by sound as well.
Hope you can turn it off.

I dont mind the beeping but they need to make it lower pitched and quieter. The shield beeper is too high pitched as well.