What is the point of your rank?

I get ranked D4 and from that point on I never play any diamond players. Only Onyx 1600 and up because I did well S1.

Seriously what’s the point of placement and your rank in general if it’s all predetermined. Makes grinding feel pointless and irritating.

Guess I’m the only one smh. I can’t even play this game after work. I hop on and try to play. Then 95 percent of the time I play a party of 4 all onyx and get steam rolled.

Only game I own where I can hop on Saturday and lose 13 of 15 games. Super unbalanced and the opposite of fun.

I miss the days of h2 and h3 where grinding for your rank felt meaningful. Not even going to mention the constant 3v4s

So then your rank should go down from losing and eventually you wont be playing against Onyx players? Did this happen to you?

I seem to be locked into Gold 6 rank this time, I can’t break out into Platinum - something always happens; bad losing streak, steamrolled by better players, 3v4 match thats always a loss, etc.
Not sure why i keep at it, lol

I quit devoting my time into Ranked Matches cause even if I ended getting like Gold Six I’d still end up going against Diamond and Onyx players so I said forget I’ll just forever remain unranked cause even when not ranked I still find myself against Onyx and Diamond players time to time so really what’s the point.

When you come out of placement you are given a CSR well below your expected MMR.

Sometimes by as much as a whole division.

It depends on how consistent you were during placement - and how wide (or uncertain) your MMR curve is.

This gives the system a few more games to make sure of your rank, as well as giving you a bit of breathing room to “rank up”.

You will get a bit of an idea of where your MMR currently is from your opponents.

But don’t worry. You will rank up (or down) quickly - and soon get games commensurate with your actual rank / ability.

hah. I’ve accepted the fact that i’ll probablt be stuck in Gold until the next reset. Its ok. I enjoy playing with friends and thats why i keep coming back. I feel like i would need some kind of crazy lucky streak to break out of Gold. (Currently at the very end of Gold 5 :))

what’s the point of rank at all when they just reset it every 5 minutes

Honestly what reason is there to play the game at all

we play the game because it’s fun.

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