What is the new performance/ teamwork exp cap in MM?

So after today’s update the per game exp cap has been increased. I’ve gotten 30k performance exp in MM and 38k performance exp in FF.

So what are the new exp caps for performance/teamwork per game?

Is it 30k and 38k? Or is there a double exp thing going on?
I looked for 20 minutes through patch notes but can find nothing detailing a change….which is frustrating because I feel it should be one of the first things mentioned.

What exactly are the details of the exp change? Reliable info would be greatly appreciated.

I couldn’t tell ya for FF other than it’s always had a higher cap than regular matchmaking. In PvP the cap is 30K for performance and teamwork totaling to 60K.

Is there any info from developers detailing that change?

I figured 30k was cap for performance and teamwork in MM since patch, but I’d like to know for sure if that’s permanent , or if exp cap was increased to 15k (up from 12k) and there is double exp event going on.

Exp payout in terms of medals earned also seems different now.
I’m getting very inconsistent exp numbers in matchmaking……whereas prior to patch it was much more consistent playing the same gametypes.

If 30k is new performance cap, then you’d expect to still see the same consistency in exp earned based on medals…… but mine is all over the place.

Getting as low as 5k performance and 3k teamwork with performances that would had earned me the same prior to patch.

So I’m wondering…… are alll medal values just scaled up to account for 30k cap? Or are all medal values the same….and you just have to REALLY perform incredibly to get higher exp numbers now?

If it works the latter way ( which I fell it does) then it’s really going to motivate people to hold off objectives to farm opposing team.

I just really wish there was ANY clarity at all on this change.

Any game with a leveling system, it has to be assumed that leveling is one of, if not the most important thing……yet I have looked over these patch notes carefully 3 times now and see no mention, or explanation of this change.

It’s been years since double XP, and if it were every social media platform would be promoting it. Some medals might have an XP boost particularly the teamwork medals. The only thing that they had to say was this from the update blog.

These additions range from kill medals, to style medals, to gametype-specific objective medals, and have allowed us to normalize medal XP across games and better support medal-based Challenges. Players can now enable the full Unified Medal Display setting to see all of these medals in the MCC HUD overlay in Halo 3 .

The cap is definitely 30K no double XP or event. They’ve never released individual medal XP values and haven’t released updated values when patches bumped the cap previously.