What is the Name of This Track?

Here at 34:25 and is it seriously not on the soundtrack? I am having trouble finding it. Any help is appreciated!

Oops, I suppose I should actually post the link.


What exactly are you asking help for? Sorry, I’m just a bit confused, can you please clarify?

The name of the song in the link I posted.

I have looked through both volumes 1 and 2, plus the remixes and can’t find the track either. Maybe since there isn’t a soundtrack available for it, it was a track made specifically for Spartan Ops.

Dang, I appreciate you taking a look, but it’s also in the cutscene on Dawn where Cortana first wakes the Chief up.

Unfortunately all signs point to it being a unique to cut-scene orchestrated piece with recurring riffs that play through almost all of the actual sound track.

Would be awesome if it was a song on its own though.