What is the most evil boss or enemy idea you have?

For me it is simple.

A skirmisher with cloak and shield, armed with an suppressed UNSC sniper rifle.

the arena they would be in is an open field with little cover, they have a banished watch tower but it is bait the skirmisher moving from it to different tree lines constantly keeping out of the players view. The good news is they are easy to kill when you get them a single headshot will knock them out if you get the drop on them, but if you don’t they have cloak and shields swapping between them as needed. (will swap to shields just before firing.)

To deal with this fight the threat sensor is key, as well as smart use of explosives, vehicles, or your own sniper rifle.

This is just one idea. what are your ideas for evil boss fights/enemies.


My Ex :joy: And that’s on a good day lol


Donald trump with brute armor, grav hammer and noob combo weapons. Oh and he’s all orange.


… you know Why did I think this would be a serious topic.

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I think yapyap would be nuts lol

A flood type boss would be epic for sures.

I’d say something like Flood with the abilities of the Didact. Think about how scary it would be if all the Flood had to do was use Didact abilities to grab you from a distance then infect you while you have zero control over where your body is going. :thinking:

Imagine an enemy like the stalker Necro morph from dead space and how they always hid from you and charged at you from an angle you weren’t looking at. ok now imagine if they still charged at you but they exploded with flood forms once they got close enough to you.

also would’ve loved the idea of in Halo 2 of having to fight flood infected sentinel forms that would seem like a neat idea at the time i was playing campaign.

Halo miss a lot of opportunitie with the boss. First, there was the gravemind we could have fight in “Hight Charity”. Imaging using a fly vehicle and firing on all his tentacle, destroy generator to hurt him.

Then, the Didact would have be a cool boss to fight (what we had in Halo 4 wasn’t a fight). He would be able to teleport himself, fly, use shield a lot of things

Cloak Jetpack Brute. 4x each grenade, primary Skewer, secondary Cinderblock. Can not be grappled, resistant to kinetic damage. Area in a dark shifting environment where gravity can be turned off.

Ammo can only be earned by melee the back.

“The Baby Slayer” it’s half man, half journalist, and it only eats live babies and puppies. It’s also incapable of telling the truth for some reason.

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A corporate entity taking something good and beloved, chopping it up into parts and pieces just so it can make money off the few while giving the middle finger to the many, simultaneously driving it’s employees into the ground with minimum wage and long unfair work hours, consecutively pretending that the beloved product is even better then what it was and even going as far to say it’s bargain for the outrages bs price of everything in its dismantled state.

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I don’t think we can have activision blizzard as a boss fight.

Who needs em when we have Microsoft and 343

I hate you all, make a meme out of what was meant to be a serious topic.