What is the maximum waypoint milestone?

So I have recently noticed that my halo waypoint career milestones have been stuck on 75 even after unlocking a couple hundred more gamer score points for halo 4. Did 343 NOT increase the milestones beyond 75 after halo 4 came out? Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks!

It would appear as though they haven’t which is fairly disappointing honestly. I rather enjoy earning achievements in all games, but especially in Halo and when they added milestones it just gave added incentive to continue through new games and DLC to keep hunting down new achievements.

But since I have all the achievements for all the halo games (Still need 4 more for Halo 4) and I haven’t moved past 75 and I notice the Awards haven’t been altered to include Halo 4 (no Halo 4 ACE award either) I think it’s safe to say they haven’t updated it yet, which at this point is concerning because I’m starting to wonder if they plan on it at all.

Thanks for the info…

I agree with everything you said too. I only have one more of the forerunner codes to enter into the classified data section on waypoint, the one requiring the first 3 episodes of spartan ops to be completed on legendary. After that, I won’t have any reason to return to waypoint again unless more forerunner codes are discovered or if they expand the milestones and awards…

I have had a 75 for more than a year now… And what sucks is that they could have had it at 77 a year ago too.

Ouch! That does suck!! Yea, just recently I boosted myself from 73 to 75 with the first few halo 4 achievements. With that being said, it’s obvious I still have a handful of achievements left to nab in the previous games. Anyone want to help me out some time?

Halo 3:
Look both ways
Save this film
Two for one
Over kill
Killing spree
Vidmaster challenge annual

Halo 3 ODST:
Vidmaster challenge de ja Vu
Vid master challenge endure

Halo reach
All alone
Bounty hunter
Paper beats rock
Don’t touch that

Halo wars:
Detour the great journey
Officer on deck
Running the show