What is the Domain? (Spoilers)

After reading Fractures, as well as the Forerunner trilogy and playing Halo 5, my idea of what the Domain is has changed and questions linger. With this new info regarding Abaddon, I’m beginning to wonder if Abaddon IS the Domain. The Forerunners discovered him and he showed them how to interact with and explore the Domain, but perhaps as Promises to Keep states since he is an ancilla many times that of a metarch as a keyship is to a wooden raft, he perhaps WAS the Domain and gave access to himself and his programming. An artificial being so much more advanced than a metarch is something we could barely imagine as humans today. The fact that the Domain needed a template to revive itself was because Abaddon was damaged by the Halo firing shows that the Domain couldn’t work without Abbadon, perhaps because he WAS the Domain? What do you think?

This is one of the many questions raised by Promises to Keep. The way I understood it, Abaddon is not the Domain, but rather its protector, the Precursor equivalent of the Warden Eternal.

At first, it is mistakenly referred to as the ‘Organon’. As we know from the Forerunner Saga, the Organon was believed by the Forerunners to be a Precursor artifact that was pretty much the Precursor equivalent of the Janus Key. In the final moments of the war, the Gravemind claimed that the Domain was in fact a Precursor creation that would be destroyed by Halo. The Librarian concluded that the Organon was in fact the Domain.

If Abaddon and the Domain were one and the same, I do not understand why it would try to prevent the Forerunners from reactivating the Domain. It should let them do it in order to heal itself, and then kill them. I believe Abaddon is separate from the Domain, but was damaged by the firing of Halo as well.

Moreover, the Domain seldom expressed anything in the Forerunner Saga. It opened to Bornstellar above Charum Hakkor, and the Librarian detected its sadness at the end of the war, but never did it take action the way Abaddon does in Fractures. This is not compelling enough evidence to clearly distinguish the two, but I think it would be weird that the usually very passive Domain suddenly became so vengeful. I think of the Domain as the conscious, transcendent sum of all that has ever existed, and of Abaddon as an entity created by the Precursor to watch over it.

My two cents, for what they’re worth. Fascinating topic.

But abbadon only does such action s after the rings fire. The firing damaged him and turned him homicidal and rampant. Whereas before he helped the forerunners learn and explore the Domain. He was too damaged post firing to understand they were helping him.