What is the Covenant arsenal missing?

It was said we are going to get videos for the Covenant and Promethean arsenal similar to how they made the UNSC arsenal weapon video. What do you think the Covenant arsenal is missing from the weapons we’ve seen so far? I feel like the Covenant is lacking and needs to have a counter for every weapon the UNSC has.

Beam Rifle
Storm Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Energy Sword
(missing any?)

I feel like the Covenant needs another rifle to counter the DMR and BR. I wouldn’t mind the Needle Rifle to return. The Covenant definitely needs a heavy weapon as well. It would be a knife to the heart to not include the Plasma Rifle either. Although these are just my suggestions. What is the covenant arsenal missing?

You forgot the Energy Sword

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Do we know when the other videos are coming?

> Do we know when the other videos are coming?


Fuel Rod and some other new guns we might not know about

Plasma Grenades and Fuel Rod are the ones that pop up in my head.

The Fuel Rod Gun is in the game too.

My guess is that they’ll bring back the Concussion Rifle. Either that or the Brute Shot (if Brutes are in the game anyway). I could see the Plasma Launcher coming back too, seeing as the UNSC have the Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser again. I too think that they’ll bring the Needle Rifle back.

Sword and fuel rod cannon.

With those two the Covys are equipped with just enough given that they are not the focus.

Primary Auto: Storm Rifle(UNSC AR)

Primary Precision: Carbine(UNSC BR/DMR)

Secondary: Plasma Pistol(UNSC Magnum)

Mid-Tier: Needler(UNSC SAW[I would bet anyways])

Power Close: Sword(UNSC Shotgun)

Power Long: Beam Rifle(UNSC Sniper)

Power Explosive: Fuel Rod(UNSC Rocket/Laser

The only thing that could see missing is a mid tier covy explosive like the Brute Shot or more likely Concussion Rifle to compete with the Sticky Detonator/Railgun

The Covys are just not a big enough aspect to warrant as large a sandbox as the UNSC

I want a plasma rifle or a spiker, just my opinion.

Something that shoots around corners.

The grenade launcher might not be returning but who says there can’t be a Covie variant? There was one in H2, the Brute Shot.

The Covenant arsenal is missing the PLASMA RIFLE. D:<

I want to see the fuel rod return

The Needle Rifle. It’s similar to the DMR.

Plasma rifle replaced with storm rifle :frowning:

Needle rifle! <------ with suggestions I made for changes in this forum OP. check it! nuff said.

If you look at Reach, the Covie weapons actually far outnumber Human. Just found that strange.

But to the point, we definitely need some heavy weapons for the Covenant. I’m not so sure about the Fuel Rod, in Reach I think it was a bit too much. But I’d love to see the Brute Shot back as well as the Plasma Launcher (though it was pretty powerful). I think the inclusion of the Focus Rifle would balance out the “rifles” between them. Humans would have an extra medium range weapon, Covies would have an extra longe range weapon.

All Weapons:
Energy Sword
Plasma Pistol
Needle Rifle
Beam Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Storm Rifle
Fuel Rod

I don’t see why they don’t just bring back all Covee Weapons & all UNSC weapons from all previous games.