What Is The Coolest Weapon?

What is the coolest weapon in Halo 4?
This can include any weapon in the game (e.g. primary, secondary, ordinance, ect.) This is based primarily on appearance, as well as animations (e.g. reloading, firing).

Pulse grenade!!!

The Tornado Gun.

I like how the Forerunner weapons seem to build themeselves up like building blocks. that’s cool. but I like the Binary rifle most. I don’t know why… just like it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do know why. I like the way it looks. All menacing and big. I also like the way it shoots out a red beam when scoped in. Sure it gives sniper’s position away, but you know that once you see that beam of light moving swiftly across the battlefield, you need to get to cover, and fast!

> The Tornado Gun.

I still remember this one. And what about the grappling hook? I am sure I remember a grappling hook, or something coming from the same guy.

I like the design of the Railgun.

> The Tornado Gun.

YES! Definitely this! If not the Tornado Gun, then maybe the Incineration Cannon. Nothing can beat the Tornado Gun, though. That was probably the best thread ever!

Shotgun, its a beast when firing at multiple AI in CQC.

Gravity hammer!

Right now DMR but on June 3rd , BR would be your best friend.


It is so entertaining to watch someone disintegrate at the single pull of a trigger.

Easily the needle rifle from Reach was the coolest. Close runners up being my favorite weapon the carbine (because Im biased) or scattershot because it has the awesome dissolve effect that is oh so satisfying.

Tornado gun hands down.

the freeze gun.

Show some love for the Needler! That sound, that explosion, that pink mist!!!

Nothings cooler then Gravity Hammer.

Simply the Arctic BR hands down for appearance.

Railgun is perhaps the most badass weapon in the game. It has an epic BOOM! when you fire it and when it impacts a surface or enemy. The aesthetic look of the weapon is also nice. But most of all, when that projectile detonates after hitting an enemy and they are sent flying into the air is one of the most satisfying experiences in Halo 4. And that epic reload to line up another BOOM! as well. A skillful, powerful, and badass weapon worthy of ordnance drops.

Still doesn’t beat Halo Reach Grenade Launcher, though.

Energy Sword

No but really, I love the Sword. Other than that, I’d say the Light Rifle. Personally, I think it’s the most original weapon in the game since the Needler.

> Gravity hammer!