What is the Cloud?

My question is this… quite a long one

What is the cloud and the benefits it will bring for the Xbox One over the ps4, and is it still possible now after the policy changes?

Honestly? It’s useless crap! Just to get more money out of you! ^^

“The cloud” refers to a network of servers that does anything from storage to computing. Cloud storage, for instance, means that you can upload data to your personal cloud storage, then access it wherever you want, as long as you of course have an internet connection available.

Cloud computing is what Microsoft are advertising as their innovation. Like with cloud storage, you send data to a network of servers. This time those servers take the data and process it. For games this means that, in theory, some of the processes necessary to run the game can be sent to those servers. The servers are much more powerful than your Xbox and can therefore theoretically handle tasks it couldn’t. In theory, this means that your Xbox would have much more processing power than what is found inside the box. In theory.

The reality is, it turns out that you can’t just throw anything into the cloud and expect it to work. It has some pretty serious limitations. For one, the latency is absolutely terrible. Despite the cloud processing the data fairly quickly, moving it back and forth over the internet takes a lot of time. So much in fact, that by the time that data gets back to your console, 3-4 frames have already passed.

In practice, you can imagine that the game was doing its physics processing in the cloud. Let’s say you’re playing Halo 5, and suddenly get hit by a flying Mongoose. Normally, if it was processed locally, you would just die instantly. But this time, the information is sent to the cloud, and the effect is that the Mongoose will keep flying through you until the data gets back and tells your Xbox that the Mongoose did, indeed, hit you. At which point you die like normally and the Mongoose teleports to the previous location. Overall, it’d look really odd.

That’s why the cloud can’t do anything that needs to be updated consistently, like every frame. What it can do are tasks that can be updated when needed to. Such task would be, for instance, to keep the game world active while you aren’t playing. In an open world game this would mean that the game could evolve independently of the player, and it could be different every time you came back.

A cloud is an atmospheric concentration of liquid water being suspended by wind patterns and pressure. When a cloud gains enough mass and energy, it will disintegrate through the process of precipitation.

The Cloud is a network of data stored at a server that can be used to store information, extend computing power, backups, and device syncing. Please note that there are many different Clouds. It is simply slang for server where all of your stuff is stored and accessed by the NSA.