What is the campaign point of no return

I heard something that says at a point in the campaign the play becomes linear again and you don’t get access to the open world. So if you don’t have collectables at this point, it’s tough luck.

When is this please, so I don’t get caught out.

Once you finish the campaign you get put back into the open world so you can keep getting the collectables so don’t worry.


So, the first few areas that are before the open world area of Zeta, you know the ship Chief first lands on and the area inside the ring where you first hear Cortana’s data whispers? These couple of areas can’t be explored once left until they add a mission select or something. So make sure you get the cores, skulls and audios before leaving those specific areas

Once out on the ring’s surface though you are pretty much free to complete anything and everything at any point. Use your pulse a lot, and check your map regularly to make sure you’re collecting them all.

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Collectibles in certain mission area’s can’t be collected if you miss them since we don’t currently have a way of replaying past missions unless you start a new campaign.

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Don’t enter the spire until you have all your upgrades. If you don’t have them before then you’ll have to beat the final bosses without them because you are done with the open world until after they final mission

Yes and no. As others have said you can do stuff in open world after game but you can’t go for specific things until 343i add’s level select and for now only way to get missing items is by starting new save.

Thanks everyone. Great community.

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Once you hit i bloeve spire its just one after another. You do “return” to the large open area but you are funneled forward.

All collectibles dk carry over from game to game. Its profile unlocked. But the spartan cores, fobs, valor and high priority target weapons are all save slot specific sk thise wont carry over.

I really wish we could have just a simple new game plus so i can use some of the more powerful fob weapons earlier. Jist put an invisible barrier so we cant jump the story.