what is the best thing you got from a req pack


mine was full wrath armor set from memories of reach

2 phaeton Helios, a Hannibal scorpion and a Hannibal mantis

norny, bane and beam rifle delta

A will to live.

Jokes aside, not much. I buy gold packs in hopes of Mark IV armor or helmet. Helljumper, or argus. I have spent money on some packs which was dissapointing.

Bought the greatest hits packs in a bit of drunken stupor. I don’t have helljumper or anything I’d want. Don’t worry though I have 3 pieces of wrath armor though… the only thing worse I could get would be lockes armor.

3 halo 2 beamrifle deltas and 1 oni scorpion.

2 Phaetons a phaeton helios and 2 ultra banshees.

My precious, precious helljumper helmet.

I once got three Mythic weapons out of a Daily Login. I think it was a SPNKr Prime, Prophet’s Bane, and Oathsworn, but I’m not completely sure.

A full bronze pack of mongeese + 1xp boost

To be truly honest, I’m still waiting for that “best thing”. LOL

I’m waiting for Linda’s set … or H2 riffle.

Getting the DMR.

Spnkr prime certification :wink: I haven’t got another spnkr prime after that ;,) the tears.

> 2533274811791698;11:
> To be truly honest, I’m still waiting for that “best thing”. LOL

lol. me too. I would love to get Vale’s armor set. Or any of the poses. I definitely want more poses. I’m so jealous of looking at the leaderboards after a match and seeing everyone standing all cool and I’m just kind of there…

The best thing that I ever got from an req pack is the fothus helmet # Unicorn bros

The Halo 2 br, and helljumper feet first helmet in the same req pack

Mark VI Gen1 Helmet, Mark VI Gen1 Scarred, Mark VI Gen1 Armor, & Mark VI Gen1 Scarred. I’m not sure if this is one req pack or two, but as soon as I saw what I got, I equipped the Scarred version immediately.

TBH nothing. Taught myself to calm down and don’t get excited over virtual items.

Sorry for being the pessimistic type, but that’s how I feel.

The AirAssault helmet.