What is the BEST gun in the game, objectively?

I made a thread yesterday talking about how I think the plasma pistol is (regrettably) the worst gun in the game. I thought about it and want to try the same with the BEST gun.

So my thought process is similar to the other. What is consistently the best quality weapon with the most kill potential and the most applications?

My assessment brought me to pick the Shock Rifle.

The reason I picked this over some others is multifaceted and I’ll outline it in detail:

I picked it over the sniper for both availability and ammo capacity. Very often there is only one sniper on a map, or it is replaced by a skewer. Thus it just isn’t consistently available like the shock rifle tends to be. Additionally, the shock rifle has an extra magazine than the sniper does, giving it more kill potential per pickup. With a little practice the shock rifle is a perfectly capable sniper replacement that has even more applications.

So better kill potential and more availability. What else?

It also emp’s vehicles and can chain splash damage to localized targets. It can potentially kill multiple people without even shooting them directly. That’s insane frankly, even if it doesn’t come up super often.

As an aside it also has a minor melee damage bonus even though it’s not usually something that comes up and it’s melee speed is actually very slow compared to the rest of them.

So by my estimation and understanding of how much potential a weapon has, I feel like the Shock Rifle is the best overall weapon in the game. It can do everything by itself, from any range and in any situation, and the only thing it requires is a steady hand and a little practice.

Can’t help but feel like the Sniper Rifle does all of the things the shock rifle does well, but better. Yeah, its less common as a power weapon, but your topic isn’t “What is the best regularly obtainable weapon”, it’s “What is the BEST gun in the game, objectively?” That’s the sniper. 1 hit kill potential, only 2 hits if you suck at headshots where it’s far more with the shock rifle, easily disables or destroys vehicles, multi-range, etc. The only thing it doesn’t have that the shock rifle does is that chaining effect, but I don’t find that reliable enough to be a deciding factor.

Melee weapons + grappleshot
u will be the most beloved by ur team and the most hated by enemy team

The Battle Rifle. Fast, reliable, and versatile.

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I mostly agree, but the battle rifle lacks a one shot kill and has a relatively long ttk. It also does no damage at all to vehicle armor.

The shock rifle does everything the BR does but better and in most cases much faster