What is the Advantage of Playing on Legendary?

Do you get certain gear when finishing on Legendary, or is it just bragging rights? I don’t have the patience.

The feeling of accomplishment when you beat it, an achievement if that’s your thing, and some people just enjoy a challenge

Nothing, not even an official legendary cutscene. And all legendary is in this game is bosses with added spongy cheese.

I beat it on legendary and, while I still enjoyed the challenge of it, was a bit disappointed there was nothing extra for pulling it off.

I usually play on Legendary and find the experience unenjoyable. Played through on Heroic instead and loved it.

I’ll do Legendary in the future.

There is a legendary post credit scene

There’s no legendary cut scene?!?

That’s as mandatory and iconic as the BR and plasma names.

Just shows how out of touch they are…

If that post credits scene is the one where that one Banished Leader guy from Halo Wars 2 appears, well you don’t actually have to beat the campaign on Legendary to see him (I’ve done mine on Heroic). It’s not a “Legendary” ending at all.

No the scene you are referring to is for heroic as well. We get nothing for legendary only.

So you can look your grandkids in the eye one day and tell them to stop being pathetic as they cry in face of adversity. That when you were their age, you had beaten Halo on Legendary difficulty