What is stopping 343 from making a New Scarab

Besides of course, development time. these forums seem rather inflamed lately, to say the least. I thought I’d get people in a positive mood for future game prospects with a hope thread. Now before I talk about currently relevant things with infinite, I will have to take a step or two back into halo history to talk about the scarab as we know it, and then I can get into what it can be. So, Scarabs were of course introduced as a mobile action setpiece in halo 2, to the equivalent of mini bosses in halo 3. halo 3 ODST lacked their presence for the most part, though they did make an appearance in a mission in the latter half of it’s campaign, and in halo reach, they were only really on the package, and the ability to board and walk on their platforms had suddenly been broken. Halo 4 had no scarabs, though the Lich and Harvester are of noteworthy mention, though only really the lich matters in this discussion as its actually a giant moving game object, most akin to the scarab. lastly and much more important than it actually was in that game, in halo 5, the Kraken, according to 343i, pushed the limits of the halo game engine as far as big moving objects were concerned, and that brings us to the present. I think we can agree on the mediocrity, or even forgetability of the Kraken’s presence in halo 5 as a game, however, the technical stuff behind it is what really interests me.

Ok, now that we have the Background out of the way I won’t bore you with the rest. Given the slipspace engine is an even further souped up version of the halo 5 engine, not only could we bring the scarab back with todays tech, we could bring it back bigger, better, and stronger than ever. the back of a scarab given even the kraken as a maximum size limit, could be big enough to act as a small multiplayer arena in itself, like OG midship size. Not just that, but if players are given access to scarabs in forge and multiplayer, we could see all manner of amazing new gameplay opportunities, Imagine playing assault on sandtrap in halo 3, but crank that up to 11 with two giant super scarabs facing each other down from across the map. imagine what people would do with even just normal scarabs given the appropriate forge tools, we could see amazing scarab races, obstacle courses, or they could even build giant fortresses on the backs of these already robust scarabs, if the halo 5 vehicle-forge object glitch is something to go off of. the potential is amazing.


TL;DR, Bring back scarabs and allow them in forge or elsewhere.


Inb4 Forge has a Forge store and it’s $20 to unlock a Legendary Vehicle like Scarabs.

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More than likely, I think it’s because it’d struggle with the environment we currently have. Maybe if they made a new area for it it could be possible. But I’d love one in Forge and don’t see how they can add Forge objects to the store as you could just edit a map with them on or would you not be able to play with a map that has certain objects?

LittleBigPlanet did that. Actually I’m sure there are a handful of games that did that. If you didn’t own one of the editor items, it either wouldn’t load the map as editable, or the things you don’t own would delete themselves, and then you could edit the map. I know everyone would be pissed if they did that, but it’s 343 we are talking about… They might try to sell you colors in Forge too.

Honestly from a tech point of view I have zero clue why they couldn’t. There’s like no good reason why they couldn’t do it on the X1 or the XSX and I was expecting there to be one or 2 hanging around but I felt like I was playing 1/3 of a game.

Oh God. If they make anything purchasable for Forge there will be riots and custom games will be dead or at the very least rely on the modding community.

At most I’ll accept adding skins etc to weapons and vehicles on your map rather than player choice.

Riots? kind of feel like there’s already happening and if they did that then there’s only going to push the player away further. The fact that the player population is already in major decline…makes me think 343i wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that because that would be pretty stupid thing of 343i to do.

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I mean we had map packs and Ricochet in Halo 4 that I pretty much never got to play, because hardly anyone else bought them. It was a waste of money and I never got those achievements, since matchmaking never had a full list of players with the DLC. As long as you don’t need the DLC to join custom games, I wouldn’t riot over cosmetics or mod tools being sold. Selling individual colors, vehicles, weapon packs, map packs, terrain packs, texture packs, etc, I’d hate that, but prepare your torches and pitchforks, because it’s very possible they delayed Forge for a stupid reason. Genshin Impact did it with their custom Teapot thing. Sims does it. 343 might think they’re pulling a fast one on us.

Nah I’m tired of company’s doing this. Halo Reach had plenty of content and Halo Infinite had the bare bones of content. It be like if someone gave you a fully priced game like Skyrim then removed all of the side quests then started charging extra for class’s. This is exactly why I’m having way more fun with MCC than Infinite because MCC has tons of content and each game has had a healthy amount of content and improved upon on each other while 343i’s games have been getting worse and worse, I’ll be honest I’ve kind of had enough. All this predatory stuff is just pushing me back to older games and forced to look for other games that don’t exploit gamers. At this point I’d be surprised if they didn’t try charging us for things like Scarab.

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It’s fine for the people who just play the custom games, but it sucks for the Forgers who make all these wonderful maps.


I would say the Scarab is mostly a story-device.

There was no context in Infinite to place it reasonably (yet).
The AA-Canons mostly took this part, I would say.

And adding a Scarab, just so there is a Scarab, is kinda pointless.

Scarabs are anti-vehicle not anti-air so it could still work even with the AA Guns. Maybe they could even say there’s one that took down the original UNSC base and it’s payback time.

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Scarab > bosses any day


But at the time the story takes place, the UNSC poses no threat to the Banished at all. It’s kinda a waste of resources to let a Scarab run around there all the time.

One could have already been on the ring already and just stationed there at a base or refueling depot or something.

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It’ll cost £20 anyway

Oh my god please no NO NO