What is "Remote Detonation"?

I was playing Big Team Battle and in the kill feed, I saw some text like, “[player name] TRIGGERED REMOTE DETONATION” or something similar. I might not have the exact quote correct. The all-caps part was in yellow, the same way it is when the kill feed is announcing that someone is on a Running Riot, for example

So what is a “Remote Detonation”? Is it some feature on the map that can be triggered? I think I was playing on Highpower.

I think when you explode a grenade that is on thr floor.

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Its when you shoot a live grenade and kill an enemy with it.

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Haha cool

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Doesn’t have to be a live grenade. You can also shoot and grapple the grenades that are in their spawn area triangle. However, if an enemy does die and drop grenades, you can shoot those too. Useful in Zones if you’re actually looking for grenades to shoot, or if you want to blow up grenades someone is running to go pick up. Might also work on the blue coil boxes.

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