What is really meant with social playlist

I have seen the discussions with ranked gameplay and social playlist but everyone accuse someone else they dont know what these terms means.
Neither do i so can someone really explain what they mean?

A social playlist has no visible ranks, and only loosely matches players based on rank in the background. The point is you have a playlist where there isn’t as much of a competitive atmosphere since there’s nothing on the line. A playlist where people can just play to relax.

Ranked playlists have a visible rank and tight matchmaking, and encourage people to try their hardest in order to win and raise their rank. The point is to encourage stiff competition.

Ranked also doesn’t have JIP while social does.

Visible ranking system
Have a more competitive atmosphere and focus, you won’t be seeing ranked Action Sack or Infection

No ranks
Hidden MMR (this is basically a hidden skill-based ranking system)
Can be any kind of gametypes like CTF & Slayer to Grifball & Infection.